Sunday, June 27, 2010

I support and fraternize North Korea

"I support and fraternize North Korea"

a message for the 60th anniversary of the Fatherland Liberation War

By Lualhati Madlangawa-Guerrero

It all started with a battle made by the imperialists in the middle of sabbath day, only to end up one of the major battles describing as a battle between good and evil, as the "United Nations", to be led by the imperialist United States of America created a series of conflicts against the socialist bloc, calling by the western media as the "Communists" from 1950 up to 1953, leaving a deep scar amongst the people in a land named Choson, or rather say Korea.

This hell-of-a-kind battle, in the eyes of the west, is much of propaganda than of a reality, condemning the Marxist-Leninists, emphasising much of modern-day Socialism more of atrocities and gulag-like lifestyle, all of these simply making a stereotypical scene of a society that they ought to oppose. Worse as they, members of the United Nations also did atrocities and yet still concealed from the senses of the public, as according to the UK-KFA statement:
"...The US used germ weapons as well napalm they threatened to use nuclear weapons.They committed horrendous massacres at Sinchon Ri and Susan Ri in the north and at Rogun Ri at the south..."
And yet the mainstream media, funded by capitalism and of imperialism focused much on the atrocities made by the enemy of the "free world"!

As time goes by, we all remember the entire conflict much of an anti-communist (for the right) and an anti-imperialist (for the left) kind of armed action, much emphasising on the former as the media of the "free world" saw in and be imposed in the minds of the people! Remember the movie Inchon? It was even funded by a paranoid "Christian" sect also famous for its extreme anti-left tone and telling that the battle for Korea was a battle for "Democracy," that in fact, a battle to preserve the old system using western ideas, as according to the same statement, from the UK-KFA:
"The US imperialists fought an unjust war to subjugate a small and peaceful country,'the land of the morning calm'. The Yanks aimed to seize control of the whole country so that they could have troops on the Russian and Chinese borders, also to put an end to the successful Korean revolution and building of socialism led by the great leader president Kim Il Sung and get their greedy paws on the resources of the DPRK. The barbaric war waged by the US and its satellites prevented Korea, a homogeneous nation, from being reunified."
True, for the main goal of the west was and is simple: to revive the anti-left conflict made centuries ago, of disrupting people's will for the goddamn sake of peace and order, of trade and profit!

For sure now, in its 60th year, the US imperialists and their followers ,far from learning lessons have increased the tension in Korea, simply by faking up the Cheonan case which is a blatant fabrication, as well as encouraging the South Korean Lee Myung-Bak clique to revive the hostilities all in the name of "reunification", that is in fact, enslavement and submission to the rotten capitalist system under the dictation of the United States, as according to a writeup made last June 27, 2010 entitled South Korean fascist puppets to become more dependent on Yank Imperialists:
"..The south Korean puppet regime and US imperialists have used the Cheonan incident as a smokescreen to increase US control over south Korea.The transfer of wartime command over south Korean forces has been postponed-in other words in a war situation SK forces would be under the control of the US just like they were in the 1950-193 Fatherland Liberation War-so it is a colony not an independent country."

I hope all the peoples of the world oppose this kind of conflict the imperialists and its allies surely "come and join." and at the same time calling for the peaceful unity of the two Koreas to end this kind of conflict being stopped through a ceasefire.