Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bright future of Korea ’s reunification

Bright future of Korea ’s reunification

by John Paul Cupp

Now the Korean Peninsula is on the verge of a war due to tense inter-Korean confrontation. Ominous clouds hang over the sky of the Korean Peninsula where the June 15 Joint Declaration earned support by the Korean nation and the world’s progressives.

The activity of humankind continues as the sun shines over the world.

Likewise, as the sun of Songun leads the Korean nation Korea ’s reunification advances.

Leader Kim Jong Il, the sun of the Korean nation, stands in the van of Korea ’s reunification movement.

He, regarding Korea’s reunification as his foremost mission, arranged inter-Korean summit, the first of its kind in the history of the Korean nation, and published the June 15 joint declaration, a reunification program for the Korean nation, in June 10 years ago with his outstanding Songun politics and great devotion, true to President Kim Il Sung’s last instructions for Korea’s reunification.

This was the historic event signaling a fresh start of the Korean people’s movement for independent reunification and the national event that opened the era of reunification. The Korean nation’s movement for reunification rapidly developed into the nationwide movement with clear goal and principles clarified in the June 15 joint declaration.

Leader Kim Jong Il, who brought about a turning point of Korea ’s reunification, rendered great achievements to the history of reunification movement by wisely leading the movement for implementing the joint declaration with his tireless Songun revolutionary leadership for ten years.

He has solidified north Korea as an invincible bulwark of independent reunification by successfully defending Juche socialism and leading the building of a prosperous nation on the strength of his Songun politics and guaranteed the realization for independent reunification by securing peace, a prerequisite to reunification on the Korean Peninsula .

He made another south-north summit in October 2007 in Pyongyang at the time when the inter-Korean relations met a new phase by the implementation of the June 15 joint declaration and reaffirmed the will to firmly maintain the idea of “By the Korean nation itself” in the movement for national reunification.

He has consolidated the driving force for Korea ’s reunification by uniting the Korean nation based on the June 15 joint declaration.

The figures from the political parties and groups opened their hearts, which had been closed due to wide gap of ideology, political view and creed, through the course of implementing the joint declaration. The solidarity between the south and the north of Korea was cemented and nationwide pro-reunification organization involving the south, north and overseas were formed.

The entire Korean nation, irrespective of the party affiliation, has endeavored to implement the joint declaration through various kinds of solidarity campaigns, putting precedence to common interests and demands of the nation.

Kim Jong Il laid unswerving foundation for the great national unity by administering love, trust and patriotic politics.

He has embraced the entire Korean nation with his great magnanimity and unparalleled personality. He met many prominent figures and compatriots from the south and abroad who visited Pyongyang to give unequivocal answers arising in improving the inter-Korean relations and realizing national common prosperity and peaceful reunification of the country.

The inter-Korean relations faced a collapse owing to vicious challenge of the south Korean ruling conservatives last year. However, Kim Jong Il met the chairperson of Hyundai Business Group of south Korea to open stalled inter-Korean cooperation and sent the special envoy group to mourn the death of ex-President Kim Dae-jung.

Greatly touched by his idea of great national unity, noble virtue and benevolent personality, broad segments of the south Korean people highly revere him as the lodestar of reunification and great national unity.

The diehard pro-US conservatives of south Korea make frantic efforts to provoke war maneuvers against north Korea and against the great national unity. However, the flames of independent reunification are flaring up.

The south Korean people are confident about the fact that bright is the future of the era of independent reunification and Korea ’s reunification will surely come as long as they hold leader Kim Jong Il in high esteem.

Recollecting emotional June a decade ago

by John Paul Cupp

Leader Kim Jong Il shares a handshake with south Korean President Kim Dae-jung

Leader Kim Jong Il has talks with Kim Dae-jung

Leader Kim Jong Il meets with Kim Dae-jung

Leader Kim Jong Il and Kim Dae-jung sign inter-Korean Joint Declration