Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Regarding Arroyo's Abdication and Aquino's ascendancy to the Presidency

by Lualhati Madlangawa Guererro

Yesterday, we all witnessed one of the remarkable events in Pilipino history, featuring famous actors and actresses, traditional politicians and the rest of the elite, opportunists in a one of a kind ceremony known as the inaguration of our "dear beloved" President, Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino III.

The event seemed to be grandiose, as we all see every personality wearing Barong Tagalog and Terno as well as the same acts usually being broadcasted on government owned-television, but putting much of a popular flavor in it.

Despite all of these, from the ceremony to the street party, including the "jumping jologs" obviously being seen on TV, the entire scene shows a mockery of democracy, popularism, courtesy of the elite as well as making a "contrary", contrary to the usual "Aquino" tradition simplicity as it banners "popularity", "thankfulness to the people" and of "democracy" itself, since Noynoy Aquino, President-elect is not really elected by ideas, but rather by publicity courtesy of artists, elite, institutions united by opportunism and the like.

True, for in fact, how come a third world country, in doing such great things end up in parties instead of fulfilling promises? Is this a hell-of-a-kind escapist act? That they started bringing in bread and circuses whilst the farmworkers at Hacienda Luisita continue languishing and fighting for genuine land reform? Well... to me, the money that end up in a street party seemingly supposed to be instead in paying taxes, paying debts since they are elite and having enough money to pay IMF-WB debts, and the rest in supporting their "agrarian reform" since CARP seemingly having its money reduced much!

And as the Presidential festival continues, it simply intensifies my critical stance towards the new President. As what I have said further, behind the festivities lies the ideas contrary to the aspirations of the people, as what the statement "Destroy the Reactionary illusion of "hope"" by the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, it said:

"...An illusion of hope is been weaving by the U.S. Imperialists and of the ruling class. The assumption of Benigno Aquino III as the new leader of the puppet state was described as sign of change after nine years of widespread corruption and brutality of the puppet Arroyo regime...

The illusion, still being woven, is primarily focused on the ideas of the urban petit bourgeoisie in order to strengthen trust with the new regime as well as the ruling class and to spread the illusion over to the people. Its objective is also to envelop or justify the continuation of the anti-national, anti-democratic and anti-people policies, programs of the government and the puppet reactionary state..."

The proof?
Will the farmers in Hacienda Luisita be given land and justice after the massacre?
Will the workers get high salaries and benefits in midst of the crisis?
Will the students, especially in state and public universities, schools be given a bigger state subsidy coming from taxes?
Will the state also revisit the "subversives" for the resumption of peace talks?

Critically to say, it may be YES or NO.
But the emphasis for sure will end up in the latter despite the "reforms" being conducted, ending up as lip services to fool the masses.

I hope the people must remain alert, vigilant in the first 100 days of the second Aquino administration. We will be the first to ostracise him! By the way, What is hope? Another word for contentment?

Consummatum est for now, another day has come in this hell-of-a-kind administration of the elite and of the privileged clothed in a sheet named populism!