Monday, June 14, 2010

Dangerous Military Moves

Dangerous Military Moves

by Dermot Hudson

The frenzied military moves of the US imperialists and the south Korean puppet regime against north Korea in connection with the alleged incident of warship sinking reached the extreme.

On May 27 the south Korean puppet warmongers staged the anti-submarine maneuvering drill in the West Sea of Korea by mobilizing 10 warships including a 3,500-ton destroyer and patrol warships to detect somebody’s mock submarine and destroy it by naval guns, torpedoes and anti-submarine bombs.

Not content with this, they intend to launch the largest-ever combined anti-submarine maneuvering drills together with the US troops in the West Sea of Korea.

It is said that enormous forces including the extra-large nuclear-powered aircraft carrier “George Washington”, Aegis destroyers and nuclear-powered submarines of the US 7th fleet will take part in the drills.

The US and the south Korean war maniacs openly betray their anti-north confrontational intention blustering that the projected drills would serve as a “strong message to the north” and a sort of “warning”.

What is more dangerous is that the south Korean war maniacs planed to resume the large combined field maneuvering exercises “Team Spirit” which had been suspended 16 years ago by the condemnation at home and abroad and to actively take part in the PSI drill to be conducted in the second half of this year under the initiative of the US in a bid to blockade the north militarily.

Now they are intensively beefing up the offensive forces on the five islets in the West Sea including Baekryung Islet and Yeunpyung Islet, vociferating of defending of the “northern limit line” and are infiltrating warships into the territorial waters of the north continually in a bid to unleash another armed conflict.

Meanwhile, they decided to convert the “operational conception” from the so-called “defensive” to “deterrent” which means “deterring the enemy’s acts by preemptive strike” under the pretext of the warship sinking incident, and accordingly changed the “operation system” to an offensive type.

All the facts clearly show how frenziedly the Lee Myung-bak group runs on the anti-north provocative moves in collusion with the US imperialists, after rendering the war provocation against the north an established fact.

Those who play with fire are doomed to die in the flames.

If the Lee group persists in the anti-north war provocations in conspiracy with the US imperialists despite of the unanimous denunciation of the entire Korean people and the world peace-loving people, it will reap only death and destruction.

Now different civic organizations and people from all walks of life are hardly repressing their anger toward the Lee Myung-bak group of traitors which gets hell-bent on anti-north confrontation moves and drives the inter-Korean relations to a total collapse with the warship sinking incident as a momentum, and are more vigorously waging the struggle to resolutely scatter the regime’s military confrontation moves against the north.

The south Korean authorities should stop at once the pro-US sycophancy and anti-north confrontational moves in accordance with the people's unanimous desire for reconciliation and peace against confrontation and war.