Monday, June 21, 2010

Destroy the Reactionary illusion of "hope"-NDF

Destroy the Reactionary illusion of "hope"

An english translation of the Communist party newspaper Editorial last June 21, 2010

An illusion of hope is been weaving by the U.S. Imperialists and of the ruling class. The assumption of Benigno Aquino III as the new leader of the puppet state was described as sign of change after nine years of widespread corruption and brutality of the puppet Arroyo regime.

The illusion, still being weaven, is primarily focused on the ideas of the urban petit bourgeoisie in order to strengthen trust with the new regime as well as the ruling class and to spread the illusion over to the people. Its objective is also to envelop or justify the continuation of the anti-national, anti-democratic and anti-people policies, programs of the government and the puppet reactionary state.

It is a major challenge for Aquino of responding to the call of the majority (the people) and to create measures in order to persecute and punish Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. In contrast, Aquino is obliged to fulfill the agreement with Arroyo that, appealed by the U.S. to treat her ala-Marcos or Estrada as Arroyo will face the charges against her. The purpose of this Agreement also includes maintaining the stability of the ruling class and system, and even the reign of Aquino.

That implimented, on one level, driven by the U.S. on lowering the intensity of conflict to consolidate the ruling class to focus much on people's struggles.

Not yet been seated, Aquino turned now lowering expectations of citizens that may not lead to great anger at his failures. He said to be "rasonable" and "truthful" the expectations.

In the midst of the worsening crisis of the ruling system, it will quickly unveil the emptiness of "Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap" Aquino. It would intensify poverty in the face of the absence of Aquino's program to address the underlying problems of the society. Rather, bureaucrat-capitalism will continue and corruption that is now led by a new group of big businessmen and bureaucrats who ride and invested heavily in his campaign.

Further crisis will come in the ruse of the second US-Aquino regime. It will continue ruling the whole system as it deepens, intensifies crisis and the suffering of the people suffer.

In Eventually, the intensification of popular discontent and destruction of the illusion of "hope" will lead to massive resistance and resistance to the continuation of the Aquino regime and its oppressive policies and actions. The call for revolutionary change is rapidly acknowledged the minds of the people.

In the face of continued revolutionary struggle of the people, it would emphasise greater the use of deception and state fascism of the second U.S.-Aquino regime in order to retain his leadership. For sure it would return the low-intensity conflict (LIC) just like the first U.S.-Aquino regime. It was remembered during the first U.S.-Aquino regime, acting clean, pro-democratic and pro-peace in order to abuse power, plunder the coffers of the state, take advantage of people and release the full brutality of the fascist forces of the state to curb the resistance.

No legacy being left by the peasantry during the first U.S-Aquino regime except a fake land reform program. The massacre in Mendiola and Lupao are their answers to their struggles. Thousands are being recruited and armed in paramilitary groups, fanatical cults being used to destroy people's struggles. It also intensifies anti-Communist psywar.

We expect re-use of double-awning Aquino LIC tactics. We continue to expect the atrocities of OBL 1 and 2 under the new terms that have more intense offensives including the saywar.

The second U.S-Aquino regime would also make the people rely on through implimenting several reforms as well as using "reformist" and pseudo-progressive groups such as Akbayan in order to disguise and decept as if "they uphold the interest of the people." These groups also wanting the people to get contented in the veneer and bogus solutions, especially to avoid the issue of comprehensive land reform in Hacienda Luisita plantation and other large landowners. They take away people from the revolutionary path and flexibly across the political and military pagbira the revolutionary movement.

In the countryside as well as in the urban poor and worker's communities, wherein the progressive and revolutionary groups gain prescence, the second U.S.-Aquino regime would intensify the use of Civl Military operations especially to areas wherein resistance and mass struggles are strong while pushing the brutal campaign of repression.

But all of these are pointless in facing the staunch resistance of the people. The people should intensify their mass struggle for real reform and against various other problems of the peasants in the countryside, against unjust wages, job insecurity and contractualization, increasing price goods and dearth of social services such as education, housing and health, against corruption, against the imposition of additional taxes and other neoliberal policies imposed by IMF-WB, for defending human rights and against fascism; against military interference and abuse by U.S. troops, and for promoting real and meaningful negotiations.

Desire of the revolutionary movement still continued and yet disrupted long peace negotiations with any reactionary government that would sit and talk. However, many doubt the new regime would seriously negotiate as the field of solving fundamental problems in the roots of armed conflict. Seeing a big skid off the dominance of the fanatical anti-communist Government panel of the Republic of the Philippines who are interested only in the dissolution of the revolutionary movement.

While forwarding the revolutionary struggle, the people must fight for thorough changes to promote their democratic and national interests. While steering the armed revolutionary struggle, there is also obtainable in the field of mass struggle, parliamentary and the peace negotiations. Its contemporaneous, must thoroughly expose the reformist and progressive group being used and the reactionary puppet system.

Must be thoroughly and continuously carry and lead the movement and struggle of the revolutionary mass struggle as only way to really change and attainment of the patriotic and democratic interests of the people.

Six years under Aquino context serves wholly the promotion of the movement and struggle of the masses as well as making guerrilla warfare reach the stage of strategic stalemate.