Saturday, June 12, 2010

Independence Day Ramblings

Independence Day Ramblings

It all started with raising the National cuadricolour of Red, White, Royal Blue and Gold into the sky as the national anthem being played. People somehow are quite joyful as the patriotic fever seemingly give off its first bouts.

But then,
As the festivity continues, with floats featuring the braggings of the second female President-cum-trying hard Bonapartist like the "BEAT THE ODDS" program again trying to become the centerpiece of the festivity, unveiling the adminitration's spending its money on those floats rather pursuing development in force.

The entire event also considered a mere bannering of "patriotism" rather than seriously emphasising it. In a country wherein the society is semifeudal and semicolonial, Independence seemed to be a hollow phrase as the elite, comprising the 1% of the society controlled the entire 99% majority, as well as the interference of the US and other imperialist countries in domestic affairs-including "talks" with the newly elected President Noynoy Aquino. All of these are rather a mockery of recognizing independence but then recognizing the supremacy of a nation once acted as a colonizer.

In addition to that,
I even notice how our culture, "ghettoised" in character seemingly tried much to vent a smattering of patriotic fervor to the people. From utilizing the patriotic colours to creating Filipino stereotypes for foreign tastes, it evenly negates the Pilipino, its authenticity, and its supposed appearance as a modern being not as a lumpen beggar. As according to the writeup "A MONGREL CULTURE?"
"...In a semi-feudal, semi-colonial society, its a fact that the ruling class, accepting the wishes of the imperialists, advocates much of a foreign culture-whether it is American, European, Japanese, Korean, and even Chinese. They tried much to lessen native influences to a museum type, a cultural zoo in which every viewer-especially a foreigner, stereotypically sees and thinks of it as that, worse as all Filipinos became desensitized, reificated and thinking of it anything as common, a part of our society, not noticing that they, or rather say we are being decieved by their wishes-of joining the "flow" not noticing that we are getting drowned..."

True, since Pilipinos nowadays becoming reified, desensitized, thinking that foreign culture is for everyday life whilst its own only to be bannered, for special occasions-unless if you are a native who opted using modern equipment to vent patriotic fervor and utilizing skills for making Pilipino culture natively modern instead of the current trend which is too western than eastern.

And again, according to the same writeup, that seemingly connected to the "Independence Day" theme:
"...And since I spoke of independence, I even think that despite independence, the rotten system, instead of encouraging individuals to unite and revive native culture and making it modernised and mass based, it end up being franchised by their cohorts, of using mass media to create instant culture that carries apathy to the people rather than making culture closer and aligned to social realities, all despite their dashes of patriotism like those of Francis Magalona, or even the Black Eyed Peas and of Jabbawockeez-just because of having a Filipino in it. But then, despite making closer to the people, it remains much aligned to the culture wherein different from the real culture of the masses, or in an insulting phrase (sorry for that) of encouraging a monger culture-of making Filipinos act like Blacks than to act as Pilipinos!"
No offense but, these words somehow wanted a culture "out of sweat and tears" than a culture "in an instant". Of seeing patriotism be flourished and be modernised, molded according to the ideas and aspirations of the people both past and present gearing towards the future. And so is the independence of this forsaken state-not a state for you to brag, but for you to stay and seriously live in and enjoy, preserve, and enrich its wonder.

But how?
Fight for National Democracy, bring back the power to the people who emanates sovereignty and the creators of the society.