Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Bankruptcy of the Ideology?

The Bankruptcy of the Ideology?

A critique on Miguel Coronel's topic regarding "Weakness" of the International Communist Movement and a second part of the book review entitled: "'pro-Democracy peoples war': A hollow phrase for a fascist play"

by Katleah Iskre Ulrike

While reading a part of the book, I notice a quote, written by Coronel, that seemed to be contradicting to the present day-policies as well as to the ideas that seemingly trying to negate the struggle, aside from stating that Marxism will never be implemented in a modern-day society full of robots and microchips, LCD and other gadgets, he said: "The retreat of the World Communist Movement, to include USSR and Red China, instead of what CPP-NPA-NDF optimistically viewed them as the advance of the world revolution. Their foreign role models are scandalously exposing the irrelevance, bankruptcy, and obsolescence of their true ideology, which is Communism." True what Coronel hath said in his 1990s book, however it does not mean that it entirely affects much of the entire movement nor the revolution around the world, given by his examples, much became "degenerated states" that end up succumbing to Capitalism (like China) or dismantlement of the entire Socialist state (as for the USSR last 1991).

The book also didn't notice that despite the negation of the Socialist idea in countries being said by the writer, there are countries that still keeping the ideology and still improving, that may consider a resurgence in the entire movement.

North Korea, Laos, Nepal, Cuba, even anti-Imperialist countries like Venezuela may emerge as the "Newly Emerging Forces" willing to support the entire people's struggle for world revolution. China may cooperate but noticing that the country itself became succumbed to Capitalist interests while trying to preserve the Socialist system. These NEFoS, aside from supporting every revolutionary movement, also involved in improving, accelerating the struggle for international revolution alongside the liberation movements around the world, pointing against imperialism and the like.

And since the wingnuts also didn't notice these things around regarding the continuous advance of the struggle regardless of the "pragmatism" of countries like China, they also didn't notice that the idea, formulated by Marx and Engels, and so are the other leaders following the two, is "scientific" and flexible as it improves and advances, as what Marx said in the Communist Manifesto: "A spectre is haunting Europe -- the spectre of communism. All the powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: Pope and Tsar, Metternich and Guizot, French Radicals and German police-spies."
And now the World itself is haunted by that spectre, and the powers tried to exorcise involved the U.S. the Reactionary members of the United Nations, Neo-Conservatives, Ayn Rand Worshipers, Fascists, and lastly Neo-Liberals and counter-revolutionary traitors trying to discredit Marxism-Leninism to the death!

And despite the alleged loss of Socialist states to the western fold, like those of the Warsaw bloc, then recognized as the bulwarks of socialism then negated due to revisionism and the like, traces of pre-revisionist ideas kept alive (like those of Germany's KPD M/L and DKP.) and still kept on organizing and preparing for its resurgence to "modern day politics". At the same time, Socialist nations like North Korea, Cuba, still kept the "struggle" both for anti-Imperialism and for Socialism, and with the Newly Emerging Forces allied with the struggle like Venezuela, thus as I and other Socialists may expect, a chance to improve and to advance contrary to Coronel's statement of retreat and allegedly exposing the irrelevance, bankruptcy, and obsolescence of their true ideology, which is Communism, somehow he may hath pointed to the revisionists and the like, or in case of China "Capitalist roaders".

And aside from nations trying to advance socialist (Marxist-Leninist) framework in the 21st century, there are movements that evenly advocates the improvement and advancement of the ideology, far from what Coronel thinked as "weakness". Maoism-Thirdworldism from "Monkey Smashes Heaven", the Juche-Songun idea of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong-Il in North Korea, and other anti-revisionist left organizations of the Marxist-Leninist kind tried much in furthering the struggle, knowing that Marxism is also a Science despite their differences in concepts and ideas.

And thus,
Recognizing the narrowness of the wingnuts in calling Marxism, Communism "Outdated" and of "Bankrupt", it means that they literally took the basis coming from geography and the like, not noticing that despite the dissolution or negation of socialism as an ideology in Socialist countries it remained progressive in nature and evolving. Coronel also unknowingly thinking their "enemy's" perseverance in using the Marxist concept, philosophy for intensifying the struggle and development, and even stating that their "pro-Democracy" ideology, advocated by the rotten system as progressive while in fact, a hodge-podge of desperate ideas coming from antiquated books, as well as noticing Coronel havin no Marx in his bibliography within that "anti-Communist pro-Democracy" book.