Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Statement regarding the June 15th Declaration


Statement regarding the June 15th Declaration

London June 12th

Today the Association for the Study of Songun Politics UK and Juche Idea Study Group of England issued a joint statement on the occasion of the 10th annniversary of the historic north-south joint June 15 declaration.

The north south joint declaration concluded on June 15th 2000 by the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il and the south Korean chief executive was a great landmark in the struggle for the independent peaceful reunification of Korea .It broke down the barriers of division and melted the glacier of the Cold War.It embodied the concept of the 'By Out Nation itself'.This carried forward the idea of the great leader president Kim Il Sung that Korea's reunification must be solved by Koreans in Korea rather than in New York,Tokyo or elsewhere.

The conclusion of the declaration was the result of the application of Songun politics by the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il.It was Songun politics that defeated the external and internal splittists.

Today the treacherous fascist puppet Lee Myung Bak is trying to negate the June 15 declaration by continually preaching confrontation and division and by carrying anti DPRK moves such as faking up the Cheonan case.

We support the Korean people in their just struggle against the Lee Myung Bak clique and the US imperialists to realise the just ideals and principles of the June 15th declaration and the noble spirit of 'By Our Nation Itself'