Monday, June 7, 2010

Statement on the 10th Anniversary of the June 15 North-South Korea Joint Declaration

Statement on the 10th Anniversary of the June 15 North-South Korea
Joint Declaration

by the Staffordshire Regional Committee of the Korean Friendship Association

On June 15th 2000 a joint declaration between the north and south of Korea was signed in Pyongyang, the capital city of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea.This Declaration was a ground-breaking event in modern Korean history and was the result of the first summit meeting of the leaders of north and south Korea.

The north-south joint declaration of June 15th 2000 called for increased cooperation between the north and south in the areas of economic, cultural, sports and humanitarian activities. Most significantly the agreement stressed the need for the Korean people, whether they reside in the north, south or overseas to solve the question of Korea's reunification independently and peacefully. To settle the issue of Korea's reunification by the efforts of the Korean peole themselves is the core and essence of the "By-Our-Nation- Itself" strategy put forward by the DPRK.

It was with a great degree of optimism that the June 15th 2000 agreement was observed in many fields of north-south relations over the years since it was signed. As a result of the declaration many joint north-south Korean projects were inaugurated such as families' reunions,the Kaesong industrial zone and the Kumgang-san Mountain resort.Due to the implementation of the north-south declaration the prospects for Korea's reunification were at their brightest since the division of Korea in 1945.

Since Lee Myoung Bak and his party took power in 2008 the whole process of Korean reconcilition has been reversed back to the dark days of confrontation. The actions of Lee Myoung Bak in stirring up tensions under any possible pretext on the Korean peninsula have gravely endangered the Korean peace and reunification processes. Lee Myoung Bak 's latest scheme over the so-called "Cheanon" incident demonstrates that the current regime is clearly aganist peace and dialogue with the north. The majority of the south Korean people clearly desire peace and reunification with their compatriots in the north. Lee Myoung Bak has unfortunately returned to the era of "security-orientate d rule" of the 1970s and 1980s, a time when basic human rights in south Korea were denied.

The present situation on the Korean peninsula has become extremely strained to the reckless moves of the Lee Myoung Bak group. A war in Korea would really be costly in terms of lives and may develop in a world war. The Staffordshire Regional Committee of the KFA UK is completely at one with the Korean people in struggle for Peace,Reunification and Independence. Our Committee sees that if the Korean people were left alone to decide their
own affairs, without the interference of outside forces, the Koreans would achieve reunification of Korea very soon. The Staffordshire KFA Committee urges all progressive people in Britain, the labour,peace & anti-imperialist movements to campaign for the peaceful reunification of Korea and for soildarity with the democratic forces in south Korea. We call upon every peace campaigner and anti-imperialist activist in Britain to compel the south Korean authorities to follow the road of the June 15th 2000 declaration, to follow the path of peace and reunification with the northern half of the Korean peninsula!