Monday, November 1, 2010

A message for the days of mourning and redemption for the peoples of the world

A message for the days of mourning and redemption for the peoples of the world

a message for Halloween, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day

by Lualhati Madlangawa Guererro

Last time, we celebrated Halloween as the start of our day of mourning and honour to our fallen loved ones. This kind of occasion, alongside All Saints and All Souls Day, gathered every people from every corner of the world not just to pray and meditate, nor to enjoy and relax-but to start their own selves over from scratch, reflecting their own selves, as well as to rectify their errors both from the past to their latest act.

But to a writer who sought all the daily doings of this hell-of-a-kind world, we've reaped anything as we sow both production and damnation both in our society and in our sanity. God forbid, but are we creating hell instead of paradise on this earth? That despite remolding while lighting the candle, the incense and pray at the same time doing havoc? We are creating ghosts, evil spirits and ghouls better than those of the afterlife aren't we?

In this day of mourning, of enjoying the fruits of our life (since yesterday was the Celtic new year), we must also expect a "darker" coming-not because of evil spirits nor ghosts and ghouls around, but of real beings wanted to vent rage against us and to our rights and liberties, so let the bonfires of our struggle rise forth, lit all the red lanterns as we started to vanquish the damned from this earth. And at the same time, to give reverence to all heroes and martyrs, activists of all the revolutions around the world and victims of extra-judicial killings, crimes against humanity, in these holy days as expected, as Oris Madlos of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines, in his All Souls Day message, said:

"The passing away of our beloved comrades truly saddens us, but we cannot allow grief and fear to overwhelm us because, as great leader Mao Zedong exhorted, we must “turn grief into revolutionary courage.” Let the lives then of our revolutionary heroes inspire us, together with the millions upon millions of masses, to fight for a truly sovereign and democratic Philippines."

Through his message, may likely to say that despite the mourning, of prayer and meditation, we must continue the struggle-with their souls united under the red flag, of the bonfire with its flames rising and of the red lanterns venting off its light to cast upon this world, all called us to march and fight, all for freedom for the nations, democracy for the peoples and socialism for our societies.

May our people pray and work for liberation... and for hope.