Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Examples of Music being played in Radio Bandiera Nera

Examples of Music being played in Radio Bandiera Nera

It all started last last year, when I listened to the radio known for its European music, that in fact caters to the far-right. That radio, named "Radio Bandiera Nera" is trying to be the online countercultural radio being brodcasted much via the internet.

But then,
I myself notice much that despite its far-right tone, of promoting Casa Pound and other Far-Right organizations, especially in Italy, the music being played much is somewhat more into avant garde, industrial, to oi! and metal of all kinds. While I, a left-winger, listened much to it not caring its right-wing sentiment being promoted by that online radio.

Secondly, I myself is an avid listener of those music, and at least it offers somewhat an alternative to the mainstream music usually played in the Radio, or shown in MTV featuring nonsense music (except to those unforgettable, good to listen ones of course) that makes a person suffered by a symptom named "Last Song Syndrome."

And the songs like "Nur Ihr Allein", "Alexanderplatz", and "Friday im in Love" are unforgettable to listen-especially the latter that once I heard it when I was young; while song Alexanderplatz even reminds of writing a story I usually do so. Same as the song made by In Extremo that intensifies my interest in my subgenre.

After all,
As according to the first writeup that introduced the online radio station, it said:

"As I listened to the music played in RBI, devoid of their message of "white power", "anti-socialism", somehow it also mirrors the fact that the system rotten and its people desired a need for change. Whether it is "the Cure" or any other kind, even Musikangbayan and the ones who sung "Awit ng Rebolusyonaryo" (Song of the Revolutionary), they wanted change in all sorts-including love and relationships..."