Saturday, December 25, 2010

Series of Ceasefire Violations=Possible Obstacles to Negotiations

Series of Ceasefire Violations=Possible Obstacles to Negotiations

By Katleah Iskre Ulrike

Early morning, I lately read some accounts that obviously shows the stubbornness of the Philippine Military in their "Counterinsurgency operations" that, even in ceasefire, shows its disrespect to the conditions given by both sides in the spirit of the season. Worse? To hid their dubious facts while demonizing the enemy as a "perpetrator" to those incidents.

Last October 21, 2010, in order to hid their failures against the New People's Army, Maj. General Vicente Porto, along with his officers, fabricated series of events that in fact, a means for a psywar tactic against the enemy while hiding the realities resulting from their defeats in the provinces of Negros Oriental and Occidental.

Last December 23, 2010, 12:00 midnight, elements of the 80IB traitorously attacked an NPA team stationed in a house in So. Upper Balading, Barangay Bayotbot, San Jose, Occidental Mindoro.

These actions, whether it was psychological or physical warfare, again shows how the Armed Forces of the Philippines ought to violate ceasefire regulations and perhaps to disrupt the negotiations. These acts also shows its desperacy in trying to defeat the Revolutionary Force through a series of operations, with or without the negotiations, and that includes the suspension of military operations.

For sure most people would think of it how stubborn the Armed Forces that, even in times of truce they still wanted to conduct operations, traitorously for the sake of bodycounts and titles. Worse? Arresting unarmed members.

As according to the account given:

"In another ceasefire violation by the 801st IB, Christian Bascos, an NPA member who was visiting his girlfriend was arrested together with two of his comrades who were also planning to visit their families and have medical checkups."

Isn't it a desperate act that the Military conducts its operations in the middle of a truce? Worse as they would create fabricated but obvious statements that is, seies of psywar operations, and even other related acts that are, detrimental to the negotiations and possibilities of peace.

After all, as more and more Ceasefire Violations come and go, really meant to create possible obstacles to Peace Negotiations. Worse, to show the rest that they are doing state-sponsored terrorism nastier than the "Terrorists" they called upon to. Like Arroyo's, simply shows how the current Administration is doing the same thing again and again.