Sunday, December 26, 2010

>NRC Accuses S. Korea of Kicking up Another Foolish Row-KCNA

NRC Accuses S. Korea of Kicking up Another Foolish Row

Pyongyang, December 24 (KCNA) -- A spokesman for the National Reconciliation Council released a statement on Friday blasting the puppet regime of south Korea for kicking off an anti-DPRK smear campaign, raising such issues as what it called "probe into the truth behind the abduction of south Koreans by the north during the war time".
The statement said:

The puppet forces asserted that they would set up an organization for a smear campaign with the puppet prime minister as its chairman and the minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the minister of Unification and the minister of Defense as its members and launch such activities as confirming the whereabouts of the above-said "abductees," realizing reunions with them and their repatriation. This is another vicious political provocation and unpardonable racket for confrontation with the DPRK.

The above-said forces paint even those who came to the care of the DPRK of their own accord as "abductees" and are using them for their propaganda purpose. This brings to light the hypocrisy of their burlesque.

As far as the abduction during the Korean War is concerned, the puppet regime was wholly to blame for the crime as it lured and abducted a great many people in the northern half of Korea with the threat of a bomb attack in collusion with the U.S. imperialists.

As proven by "the massacre of civilians of Kochang", etc. the puppet forces mercilessly killed a large number of innocent civilians during the war on charges that they "conspired" with "enemy troops" and helped them.

It is preposterous, indeed, for the perpetrators of such monstrous atrocities to talk about the "abduction" by someone.

The smear campaign kicked off by the puppet regime over the above-said issue of "abduction," a fiction, is aimed at diverting elsewhere the public opinion critical of its sycophancy and treachery, fascism, confrontation and war moves, getting rid of its isolation and crisis and saving its policy for confrontation with the DPRK from total failure.

The above-said traitors had better stop such ridiculous racket at once, bearing in mind that such poor farce would only throw obstacles in the way of solving the issue of the separated families and relatives.