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Could it be just so damn obvious?

Could it be just so damn obvious?

December 22, 2010

by BJ Murphy

On December 20 the ROK military held a live-firing drill on the Yeonpyeong Island, despite clear rejections of such provocative acts by both China and Russia, along with that of the United Nations.

One could say that the ROK are conducting simple, continuous drills, holding no determination of being provocative, but then we’d have to also disregard the facts that, 1) the island that the ROK chose to hold their drills on was the closest towards the DPRK than any other island held by the ROK; and 2) very openly, the ROK and US have been wagering a bet on when, exactly, the DPRK is going to fall. Such a bet that involves “spending $1.6 million to come up with a formula that measures the stability of the world’s hardest-to-measure country,” because in reality “Predicting the date of the reclusive state’s demise has long been a favorite parlor game among policymakers in Seoul and Washington.”

The ROK-designed giant 100-foot-tall tree,
which reportedly can be seen from the North Korean city of Kaesong.

So what came about from these, clearly, provocative drills held by the ROK? One could say just about as smooth as any plan held by the US when it came to economic development – meaning, nothing happened that they planned for. The DPRK, instead, made the right decision by withholding any attacks, and chose to rather agree towards the UN to send inspectors into the country. Talk about plans going the complete opposite way you wanted it to go!
So, obviously, the DPRK made the correct decision, and peace can now be reestablished. Right? Well, not exactly. I’m guessing the ROK didn’t like it very well that the DPRK scared them into bunkers and then made the most peaceful decision any of the Korea’s have made since November 23. Instead, the ROK have chosen another route to take. One that involves designing very large, steel christmas tree’s in order to piss off “atheist Korea”. Though, given the fact that the 2nd largest party of North Korea is a Christian party, and there are known christian churches located in the DPRK, I seriously doubt the DPRK are going to really care how “christian-like” the ROK are. Though, maybe under the reasons why the tree was made in the first place could certainly upset them. If Cuba were to design a huge, glowing hammer and sickle near the border of the US, wouldn’t you agree that the US would take this as an act of provocation as well?

A group of Korean citizens gathering on a Sunday morning at the Bongsu christian Church, located in North Korea.

“South Korea To Stage Massive Firing Drill To Deter North Korea Provocations” was the name of a recent article, explaining details on the next upcoming drill to be held by the ROK near the border – again! Yet, the problem here is that it’s claiming the DPRK have been provocative against the ROK. Yet, if we were to simply read the news, the DPRK clearly held no provocative, nor threatening act. But let’s just say the DPRK was being provocative, despite their clear lack of aggression. So how massive are we talking here? According to another recent article, the “scale of mechanised assets taking place is enormous. When we would normally have six K-9 mechanised artillery, we’ll have 36 … We’ll have the F-15 jets firing. We’ll have choppers. You can say most of the mechanised assets taking part will be firing live ammunition.”

The fact that the DPRK are nowhere near the military capabilities as that of both the ROK and the US, one has to really ask themselves, at what need of reason does the ROK attain to carry out such a destructive, and very provocative act of aggression towards the DPRK? Does one really need an answer by the ROK, themselves, to understand what exactly is going on?

Another interesting fact is that the US have recently rejected any talks with the DPRK. Of course, one could ask where the US is even remotely involved in this situation between both Korea’s. Simple enough, if any large scale exchange of firing between both Korea’s were to take place, much larger than what we witnessed on 23 November, then, according to OPCON (wartime operational control), the ROK would no longer be in command of their own military units. Instead, the US would come in command of said ROK military units.

What we have here is a planned-out imperialist act of aggression towards the independent, socialist state of North Korea. When their recent bait of luring the DPRK into their trap failed, they are now upping the ante by staging massive war-drills by the border, sending out provocative propaganda messages towards the DPRK, and stalling any chance of peace deals to be held between themselves and them. If one is lost within this confusing, myriad exchange of Western-backed propaganda, then simply follow the North star to find your way back to reality.

Red Love & Salutes!

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