Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas in midst of the Crisis

Christmas in midst of the Crisis

It's two days to go, and people are waiting to celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ in the 25th of December. For sure all people around the world, whether rich or poor, are preparing anything, from buying food for the feast to making presents for their love ones as we used to think of.

But then, despite the gifts, the food, the sharing and the like, all of us really don't mind the real meaning of Christmas as we think of it too materialistically- or rather say, a commercialised Christmas, same as other holidays just for the sake of accumulating profits through goodies...all despite the crisis happened around the world.

How wonder why the commercialized Yuletide trend continues still despite the crisis. Hunger, Poverty, yearning for Peace and Prosperity are still the unending topics in this hell of a kind rotten system mankind belong. There are still poor people begging for food in the streets, or workers working hard, 24 hours, 7 days a week just to get theri low salary plus a bonus and a 13th month pay for the season; the farmers even trying hard to reap all the harvests, all for their everyday meal and the rest for selling and end up earn less due to the acts of the middlemen and of the profiteers that, exploited the brawn of all the laboring people, including giving benefits for this season. And now, as the world endures the crisis, of protests in Manila, in Athens, London, everything around, will there be a "season to be jolly" as there is still someone exploiting and resulting to widespread protests?

After all, people still trying to seek the real meaning of the season both by faith and work, by idea and praxis.

Personally to say, this is not a question of faith, but rather to say why not try to unearth the real meaning of the season, aside from sharing and other mainstream acts what the Yuletide season all about. Since Christmas, as well as other holidays even the glorious May Day, all days, months, years, lies the spiritual or emotional deepening of the experience of community-of practising our praxis, of integrating one's self to the people. If people continue exploiting the season for nonsense work, then what kind of Yuletide season, or any other season we celebrate this day? Is this the season of becoming selfless, of be liberated from this endless nonsense? Or to be enslaved by the order through their sugar-coated promises with bitter interiors?

Well... as one writeup said:
"A Christmas ceremony based on events and views that people do not understand today does no good, but harm. It arouses only a distrust of our goals, not confidence in our ability to lead the people spiritually..."

It all happens in places wherein anything is everything, seperated from the realities happened. If we speak of it nastily, then they are the leeches, parasites aound us exploiting. Outside? Still enduring the pain and agony, feeding from scraps and crumbs coming from their supposed gifts of hard work being "stolen". Indeed, the world understand nothing but harm, for that season is not really the season what is supposed to be!

All except in the barricades, prison cells and in the rebel controlled countryside wherein the real spirit of Christmas lies... through breaking the chains of oppression and bringing forth the news of liberation to all men. Since Christmas is a time of compassion, peace, and general progressive goodwill of genuine solidarity and friendship between peoples, comrades enjoying the fruits of genuine love and caring for one another-with or without gifts, just serving the people faithfully would make a person happy.

May there will be a Happy Christmas to all Progressive, Patriotic, and ever-forward peoples of the world. May you all be reached by our best wishes of Peace, Love, Liberty, and Justice for the masses.