Saturday, December 18, 2010

SOUTH KOREA: A Rotten, Dilapidated and Corrupted Society despite the Modern Facade

SOUTH KOREA: A Rotten, Dilapidated and Corrupted Society
despite the Modern Facade

Dermont Hudson

December 15, 2010

The unfortunate situation now developing in the South is a hard lesson in the ways and means of how the imperialist forces work to corrupt, colonize, and eventually destroy their victims. The subtlety of the program is often overlooked, for once an imperial power gains entrance to an area, the `circus lights' come on, blinding the people to what is actually happening to them over time and at a fundamental level.

The human being in his most elevated, manifested state is a social being. Yet, there are other layers of his being that form him towards being a social being. Some of these layers of his social being are the `spiritual', mental/conscious, and biological/genetic. The entropic program of the imperialists directly attacks each of these layers in order to achieve the end result – which is the atomization and disintegration of man, with the complete destruction of man as a social being. It might be safe to say that the end result is the elimination of man altogether.

Man, in the capitalist world, is not the subject of life but the object – not a social being but a formless automaton – not the master of himself but one who is mastered – and the world, subsequently, does not serve man but destroys him as man destroys himself.

Man, as master of himself and the universe, positively shapes and develops the world to serve him. There is no arrogance involved here. This is, simply, the nature of manifested social being, itself, which man is. This is fundamental to Juche. Isn't this basically what the imperialists are doing? Isn't this what is unfolding in the South? Man is being a master of his world and getting `rich? Having the world serve him? No.

Because the fullness of man's life and being is as a social being, man, to be a master of the world where it serves him, must live and strove for the creative uplifting of not only himself as an individual, but the entire society – his fellow man. He must come to know the world around him, his part in it, and to help it grow as a whole. Consequently, the health of man is always reflected in his societies.

What we see unfolding in the South is not the uplift of man as social being and the positive development of his society - but the self-destruction of man as he becomes an atomized, entropic object of other men who are, presumably, objects themselves of other forces.

Instead of a harmonious society and the flowering of man as social being, with every layer of his social being creatively expressing itself for the rising and strengthening of the society, we see the exact opposite. The people of the South are being spiritually, mentally, and biologically attacked, debased, and turned into objects of the imperialists.

The result, as stated here, is the looming collapse of society, itself – man as social being destroyed. Man himself destroyed. Crimes of all types and a general lowering of human behavior to the point that one can't even be called human are on the rise. Economic activity becomes frenzied predation on the people. Political leadership becomes warmongering tyranny on everyone.

The world isn't being mastered here – it's being attacked. A concerted effort to help the South's people remember the fundamental characteristics of being human is needed.

Owing to the unreliable economic policy of the Lee Myung-bak group of traitors the south Korean economy faces a catastrophic crisis and the people's living goes to ruin.

This year alone such financial crisis and business bankruptcy as skyrocketing debts of the big business groups and individuals, nothing to say of the financial deficit of the government, get more severe. In last May, 9 big business groups were designated as the restructuring targets and 49 more in June.

16 big construction groups and some 2600 subcontract enterprises which are in dire financial difficulty are on the verge of bankruptcy. So the financial institutions which invested most of the loans in real estate markets fell into utter confusion.

Many enterprises declared bankruptcy and a great number of the unemployed people are wandering about the streets. The number of the young unemployed increased to 1,243,000 in August this year from 905,000 of last year.

As the result of the suspension of the inter-Korean cooperation due to the confrontation moves of the treacherous clan of south Korea nearly 300,000 jobs were lost and a damage to the tune of 5,972 billion won occurred so that the people's livelihood is considerably threatened.

Last year the poor households numbered 3,058,000 and over 7 million people were deprived of elementary right to existence and eke out a bare existence living in makeshift houses, shanties or rent houses.

Ever-growing Violent Crimes

The number of crimes such as killing, robbery, rape, larceny, violence in south Korea was more than 590,080 in 2009, increasing 45,560 more than that of 2008 (8.4% increase).

The crime of murder was 1,370, increasing 24% more than that of 2008, and the robbery 32%, larceny 15% more than that of 2008. Major economic crimes such as fraud and usurpation also increased 10% more than that in 2008.

The criminals

the police dealt with in 2009 reached to 2,333,710 persons.


Prevalent in Society as 12,858 people committed suicide in 2008 but in 2009 the number increased to 14,579, 1,721 more than that of the previous year.

Suicide among the schoolchildren in primary, middle and high schools, in particular, is increasing at a record high. In 2009 it increased by 50% in comparison with the previous year.

Though the south

Korean conservative ruling group is clamoring about a “package of 5-year measures to prevent suicide in a bid to reduce suicides at any cost, the suicide pathology will further mount as malignant tumor in south Korea due to its anti-people policy.

Today the south Korean people denounce the ruling group of traitors that destroyed the national economy, inter-Korean relations and the people's living, vociferating the people's livelihood can never be improved under the current regime, we must judge the regime for a new society to live happily and let us bring about the people's world at an early date through the vigorous struggle to judge the traitorous regime.