Saturday, December 18, 2010

Deadly clash at S.Korean-owned factory

Deadly clash at S.Korean-owned factory

South Korean-owned garment factory workers demanding the implementation of a new minimum wage clashed with police at an industrial zone in Chittagong, southeastern Bangladesh, on Sunday, leaving up to four people dead and some 150 hurt, the Associated Press reported.

Police fired live bullets and tear gas shells at the protestors after thousands of workers attacked factories and smashed vehicles at the Chittagong Export Processing Zone that houses about 70 foreign companies that mainly manufacture garments, shoes and bicycles, and employ about 150,000 workers.

Sunday‘s clashes came out as a South Korean company YoungOne shut down all 17 of its factories in the country late Saturday after workers attacked the facilities. YoungOne employees have argued that the government’s hike in wages that was supposed to come last month has not been implemented.

YoungOne is the largest garment maker in Bangladesh and a leading outdoor garment and equipment maker in Korea.