Saturday, December 18, 2010

Italy: Demos, blockades and riots everywhere last 14 December

Italy: Demos, blockades and riots everywhere last 14 December

Last December 14 was the 2nd vote of No Confidence in the Berlusconi government. He survived by two votes. Across Italy, students, school kids and workers took the the streets to protest Berlusconi but also against the continuing neo-liberal education reforms. In Rome there were major clashes that saw the most heavy rioting seen in Italy since Genova in 2001. As well as this, economic blockades and occupations were put in place at many train stations, the port of Palermo and even on the runway of an airport in Sicily.

Demonstrations started in the morning and went on till late afternoon. In Rome at least 100,000 protesters have been estimated, from all sorts of groups: students, precarious workers, factory workers, social centres, migrant groups, groups of residents from L’Aquila.

Milan, and Rome in particular, had seen scenes of total urban guerrilla warfare. In Rome protesters tried to break into the Parliament buildings and were violently charged by the police. Riots went on for hours in central Rome and blocked the whole city centre. Italy Indymedia says at least 41 people were arrested and 57 injured among the police. Alemanno, Rome’s right wing mayor, and his close friends from the right wing party Alleanza Nazionale, were seen around enjoying the charges and the beatings. In Milan protesters invaded the Stock Exchange, and attacked banks, party HQ’s and other buildings. Protests have also been held in other European countries by Italian students studying abroad.

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