Friday, December 31, 2010



31, December 2010

Friends, Family. Comrades

We are now celebrating a new year with a new goal.

As today, more than ever, we've determined to strive as ever, after enjoying the reaps of victorious works, of enduring pain and anguish brought by measures surrounding us just to continue the struggle against the system that is, rotten, dilapidated, desperate for power.

Yes, that we have noticed the elections, Arroyo's desencion from power, Aquino's presidency, the hostage crisis, even the significant protests against tuition hikes, struggles for land reform, increase in wages and other offensives that, even in this present administration, although wearing the cloak of "reform" and "change" is still not enough to alleviate the problems in the society.

These also same around the world, that in the latter months, we sought protests in Europe, Asia, and in America against the oppressive measures, that in fact, unveils the rotten conditions coming from every societies ruled by privileged cliques, power-hungry individuals, that makes the entire people, especially the underdog masses, endure the pain in their backs till their untimely deaths if possible.

But then,
It doesn't mean that through these events, we must get contented to it. And in this new year coming, lies tasks that, in a deepest sense, carries a reason-and that is to expose, oppose, destroy the order that is, repressive. After all, for years, the specter of what Marx hath said haunts the entire capitalist dominated world; and it will never stop as more and more protests, strikes, offensives come especially this 2011 and its opening month.

In this new year, may peace be prevail-but the struggle must continue till victory.

Again, have a struggling new year to all.