Saturday, December 18, 2010

Protests against the profiteering Multinationals, Bureaucrat Capitalists and Feudalists

Protests against the profiteering Multinationals,
Bureaucrat Capitalists and Feudalists

Around the world, people started to think about the ups and downs, especially when it comes to the economic status of the society. They even ask why certain individuals, groups, tried to gain contacts with the Government in order to continue their dark legacies against the people.

The continuous sweatshop labor, less salaries for workers, semifeudal mode of production, of treating certain courses as cheap labor requirements unveils the continuous presence of oppressive actions laid against the people; guised as domestic growth that in fact, neglects the basic needs of the society such as domestic industrialization, modernization of agriculture and a genuinely progressive fiscal and social policy. The presence of oppressive forces really negates the tendency of achieving real social progress as we all notice much.

However, there are certain groups and individuals wanting to negate this fact. Some would tell that anything made by the order is justified, that free trade is a part of the policy, that Capitalism is inevitable part of Democracy. But speaking of Democracy, whose Democracy is the world keeping? The Borigeoisie or the laboring people?

Nowadays we encounter series of strikes around the world.

In the Philippines, students coming from both state and private educational institutions rose in strike against the increase in Tuition Fees and Budget Cuts in State-funded Education. The Farmers kept on fighting for genuine agrarian reform and benefits, same as the workers and the Semi-Proletariat for salaries, job security and adequate employment.

In Britain, as well as in other cities in Europe, students rose up in revolt against budget cuts upon approval in the Parliament in London, like the Philippines, sporadic protests happened in every city that, resulted in brawls against the Policemen, worse-resulting to throwing of Oil Bombs and destroying windows, actions not been taken in teh Philippines during the strikes against anti-people policies and actions.

Korea also got the share of rage as workers strike in a country famous for its modern technology-the rotten social order defending Korea replied them with fascistic actions that, they even accuse the protesters, from labor rights to peaceful amity with its Northern neighbor, a violation of their "National Security Law". How come labor rights and peaceful settlements became terroristic acts?

These actions happened around the world, all made by the rotten social order, and dictated by a greater being like the Imperialists, gave an impression that the crisis is growing rapidly. The increase in Tuition Fees, budget cuts, fascistic activities against the people, anything repressive in general creates a justification that to rebel is to be justified.

During the near-bankrupt experience, people are asking why the government, or rather say the order manning its reins bail out banksters, multi-millionaires for muti-billions, then chase unemployed people for relative pennies, close down old peoples' homes, shut hospital wards, shut local libraries etc. It reminds of Regan who insist on profiteering than welfare while financing desperate terroristic actions that in fact, fringes against the will of the people.

Every National Democrat, Anti-Fascist, Revolutionary must take part in, or organise, demos against the banksters, big businesses, or rather say IMPERIALISTS, BUREAUCRAT CAPITALISTS, and FEUDALISTS and those who first loyalty is profit and not our nation and our people. Intensifying the protests, rage till we grab the state, economic, cultural power from theirs in the name of the struggle.

As one quote from another writeup said:

Power from Profit - They're buying your souls!
Power from Profit: puts you on the dole.