Wednesday, December 15, 2010

1003rd Brigade-10th ID-AFP death squad operative punished; 1003rd Bde-AFP Tutaan as AFP human rights chief, a mockery to human rights-NPA (NDF)

1003rd Brigade-10th ID-AFP death squad operative punished;
1003rd Bde-AFP Tutaan as AFP human rights chief, a mockery to human rights*

Leoncio "Ka Parago" Pitao
1st Pulang Bagani Company,
Merardo Arce Command,
NPA - Southern Mindanao
9 December 2010

The 1st Pulang Bagani Company-NPA punished the 10th ID-AFP death squad operative in Paquibato and burned down the 69th Infantry 'Palparan' Battalion-AFP detachment as a punitive measure for the AFP's continuing rights violations against the masses.

Last November 28, Red partisans carried out the standing order against Roberto Kulot Repe (Serial Number DS-G10-000241) in Barangay Paquibato, Davao City.

Repe, an active paramilitary and a recruit of 1003rd Brigade-10th ID-AFP confidential Agent Ruben Labawan, was part of the regime's war machinery that unleashed terror among civilians in Paquibato. As a member of AFP Labawan's Bahani Long Range Platoon, Repe was active in combat operations and intelligence work in the area. Labawan recruited Repe into the AFP paramilitary and endorsed him to then 10th ID-AFP B/Gen. Carlos Holganza. He was assigned at the Damilag patrol base in Mapula, Paquibato under the Tapak CAA Coy, 16th DDS Cafgu Coy, Charlie Coy-1003rd Bde of the 10th ID-AFP.

Last September 3, Repe along with two other AFP death squad operatives killed Paquibato resident and farmer-activist Reynaldo Labrador inside his home, infront of his family. (Labrador was among those civilians included in the 10th ID-AFP's Coplan [Operation Plan Kwago], a 10th ID-AFP hit list of civilians and individuals the AFP arbitrarily tagged of having connections to me.)

Three years earlier, Repe, then a civilian, was sentenced with the death penalty before the local Hukumang Bayan for committing the crimes of homicide, arson and robbery. His case was subjected to automatic review and at the same time was appealed to higher revolutionary authorities. Revolutionary authorities overturned the local Hukumang Bayan's maximum penalty, and granted Repe conditional pardon.

Last June, Repe was recruited into the AFP para-military and from then on, he was actively engaged in counter-revolutionary and anti-people activities against the masses in Paquibato including the murder of Labrador.

The masses rejoiced as revolutionary justice had been served against paramilitary Repe.

Three days after Repe's death, enemy troops of the 69th IB-AFP surreptitiously abandoned their detachment at dawn in Barangay Paquibato, some 200 meters where 1003rd Bde-AFP death squad Repe was punished. December 3, a team of the 1st PBC-NPA burned down the abandoned 20-hut detachment of the 69th IB-AFP as a continuing punitive measure versus the abusive enemy troops. As the AFP troops transferred to the Army Command Post in Barangay Dalisay in Panabo, they occupied civilian houses and made Barangay Dalisay a virtual AFP garrison violative of the war protocols.

These latest NPA military actions in Paquibato should serve as a strong warning against the 1003rd Bde-10th ID-AFP who gravely violates the rights of the masses. It is pure mockery to human rights that former 1003rd Bde-AFP commander Col. Domingo Tutaan was appointed AFP human rights chief. But then again, with a mercenary and bankrupt AFP, Col. Tutaan's notorious record in the Davao hinterlands, and in the Mindoro province under the 7th Infantry 'Palparan' Division-AFP where he came from made him up to the AFP task. Col. Tutaan as AFP human rights head only speaks volumes about the AFP as the berdugos of the people.

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