Saturday, July 24, 2010

Tambayans: a right or a grant?

Tambayans: a right or a grant?

regarding the 2020 draft of student conduct, tambayans, and student rights in the University of the Philippines

Last time, I read a newspaper article, coming from the Philippine Collegian, regarding the state of the "Tambayans" in the prestigious University of the Philippines-Diliman. The writeup seemed to be factual, also in an opposive manner, to the fact that the "Reactionary-tainted" 2010 draft of student conduct is trying to limit student movement in a University once "open".

As that proposed code, encouraged by the administration and of the right-wing individuals in the UP community, ought to limit student involvement in social affairs, of student freedom, welfare, as well as unity and plurality of ideas in the name of "security", "safety", "welfare" of the entire community.

But then,
That draft, according to the University Student Council Vice Chairperson Fermina Agudo said:
"The draft CSC does not reflect the needs and wants of the students..."
And at the same time, USC Chairperson Rainier Sindagen said these words expressing opposition to the repressive draft:
"...Maintains its stand to junk the code because of lack of student participation during the drafting and the (code's) lack of responsiveness regarding student welfare...Once implemented, the CSC will further suppress the democratic rights of students in the University..."

These words are indeed true, and somehow in an institution wherein motivated nowadays by profit, encouraged by commercialization and perhaps even semi-privatization tends to limit much of student participation through its decrees as what Dr. Elizabeth Enriquez said:
"...A response to the growing number of problems of misconduct. Some of which include dishonesty and fraternity-related violence..."

regarding the creation of a "Student Disciplinary Council" to replace the current "Student Disciplinary Tribunal"

The proposed code, aside from the proposed repressive chauvinistic policies also includes the replacing of the current "Student Disciplinary Tribunal" by a proposed "Student Disciplinary Council." That said proposal, although it carries the responsibilities of the tribunal, ought not to allow having a student juror to participate in the proceeding.

But, according to the creators of the draft, they also proposed including a student juror with the same responsibility of including a student representative in the legal proceedings. Somehow that said comment wasn't been written in that said draft having a student juror in that council.

"Tambayans": A Grant?

The said draft of student conduct, again, unveils its attempt to limit student participation-to the fact that the administration wanted "having Tambayans considered a grant than a right." And somehow it violates the tenets of academic freedom in an institution, especially in a "national university" like the UP.

How come the students opposed this said idea of having Tambayans a "grant?"
USC's Sindayen opposed the draft since he, on behalf of the students disagreed calling the use of a tambayan a mere grant. Somehow out of 270 recognized organizations in UP Diliman, 30% or over 80 had none place for a meeting and activity, then wanting (the administrators and creators of the said draft) the Tambayans be acquired as a grant?

But the arrogant Enriquez said:
"With the lack of resources a Tambayan should be a grant than a right."
Stupid! How come you call it a grant? And telling that the University hath experienced a scarcity of resources while forcing to pay the students with high, exorbitant fees? Of having a large plot of land used by the Ayalas for BPOs? Will you tell it to the organizations being displaced after having their Tambayans demolished?

To assess the entire draft in general, the draft unveils much its attempts, and if it passed, again it may unleash its true colour to the community. From having no student juror in a Student Disciplinary Council to telling that Tambayans are being acquired through a grant by the administrators, then the real objective is to lessen student participation and to museumify UP's prestige as a bastion of academic freedom and progressive instruction and even as a people's university in itself. We're now in 2010 and not in the late 50s or earlier whose conservatism really expressed much, especially during the era of Vidal Tan.

Is Emerlinda Roman, the President of the entire University of the Philippines System acts like the late Tan?

The code proposal must be opposed, Tambayans must be considered a right than a grant and student's freedom, welfare must be ensured.

Philippine Collegian, 24, july 2010.