Sunday, July 25, 2010

Is Gloria escaping the heck of the people?

Is Gloria escaping the heck of the people?

Back then, we witnessed the world on how Nikita Khrushchev accused Joseph Stalin of anomalies in then Soviet Union, that resulted in the "Secret Speech" being broadcasted all over the world. This kind of act Nika did signalled the change of course of the Socialist world resulting to a major debate that lasts for long in the history of Socialism.

And somehow here in the Philippines, that kind of idea would be repeated, but this time not about Socialism but rather we witness Noynoy Aquino's "State of the Nation Address" and like Nika, would vent criticism against the last administration-that left a concoction of mess and development in the society. Both the rise of GNP rates and of corruption charges, etc.

But then,
As we watched the news, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, former President and now Congresswoman, escaped the heck by going to Hongkong along with her husband out of personal causes, and somehow, according to Renato Reyes, in his Facebook account, said:
" disappointed that GMA will skip the SONA. The look on her face would have been priceless. Mikey though should permanently NOT go to Congress as his presence there insults the Filipino people..."

But then,
Gloria's spokesperson, Lacierda said that the former President's decision to skip the SONA was "her own." according to the Inquirer. And it even said:
"She is entitled to that and we have no say. We have no preference, one way or another, whether she attends or not."

How come Gloria prefer not to hear it? To others it may call it an act of cowardice as we mostly witness Gloria a "strong President" and now as a Congresswoman she ought not to hear it and leaving the heck rather to the Arroyo bloc? People wanted much to see her, courtesy of the media being criticized in the Congress out of her actions especially in regards to the economy and human rights violations happened during her 10 year term.

And somehow it intensifies criticism, as Jinggoy Estrada said:
"She doesn’t want to be humiliated, Who would like to be there if you’re the object of the speech of the President?"

Starting from the criticism against the former President lies the "DeGloriaization" of the society, and for sure the Liberals wanted this kind of idea to be enacted, a overhaul.