Saturday, July 10, 2010

Despite HOPE and CHANGE still no ORDER, LAW and HEAVEN in a SOCIETY that is ROTTEN

Despite HOPE and CHANGE
still no ORDER, LAW and HEAVEN
in a SOCIETY that is ROTTEN

by Lualhati Madlangawa-Guererro

Last time, while watching TV, especially the news, most of the reports being broadcasted bear much of the daily dose of the President's life, his 100 days, as well as the administration itself in action. Saying that they are trying to meet the demands of the people and willing to accept their ideas, dreams and aspirations be put into practise.

But then,
despite their actions, calling it as optimistic, of trying to act "comradely" (sorry for the term) to the mediamen and to the people in general, I really think that the results would be too confusing,to the fact that few out of many would benefit from the administration's projects and proposals that seemingly a lip service to the majority, a feature of a system that is-rotten.

for the fact that the elite, the conservative and the wingnut kind of "Democrat" fools tried its best to vent off populist flavor while maintaining the rottenness of the society, keeping the country stunted, backward, weak, as well as dependent on the wishes of the imperialists like those of the United States and others while bannering such words like "Progress", "Freedom", "Democracy", "Patriotism", "Unity", and now "Change". These words are easy to understand and yet difficult to implement, to be set so as they themselves, in the name of the "good old days", of the dark side of "tradition" blocked off its way.

And thus,
If that's the case, what kind of idea for a society they're envisioned? Will it revitalise the country or just a mere word to fool the people? Will it be "Democratic" or a "Polyarchic", and what nation would they lean on aside from their idol, the United States?

To a rotten society of a semifeudal, semicolonial type, backward, stunted in nature, they emphasized their love to copy things "west" especially the United States. But then, it would end up a smattering, more emphasizing on cultural and material than political ones as the nation itself was and is primarily "Indo-Hispanic" in nature, would insist much into the age-old patriarchal, conservative traditions, emphasizing on the family, private enterprise, and of the municipality a la Salazar or perhaps Confucius.

True, and somehow that "Indo-Hispanic" idea would insist on having a "Corporative state" like those of Singapore or perhaps similarly closer to Spain and Portugal as its example. Salazar believed in the necessity of control over the forces of economic modernization in order to defend the religious and rural values of the country, and so are the Elite who takes part in this system, who in order to defend the semicolonial and semifeudal nature of the nation would rather oppose further modernisation or to some degree, a limited modernization scheme and much emphasis on contentment on western imports.

In addition to the economic nature, which is a trying-hard capital with much emphasis on feudal leanings, it also involves the use of "violence" as a means to silence opposition. Insisting much on order and law to achieve goals, the administration may ought to do a "carrot and stick" tactic in order to control those who oppose the rotten system like those of Marcos, Aquino I and the last administration.

And if that's the case, is this the so-called "Hope" for the rotten state of the Pilipino society? Being backward for decades whose "defenders of the system" ought to preserve all despite the anomalies they've contributed for years?

According to the writeup "Noynoy Aquino: The new face of counterrevolution" by the Communist Party:

"...On his shoulders rests the main responsibility of continuing the administration of the bankrupt semicolonial and semifeudal system, consolidating and running its state and suppressing any challenge to puppet reactionary power..."

"...Even as he has gone out of his way to ingratiate himself with the AFP, Aquino has not given the slightest attention to the people's basic problems and their cries for social justice. His first days in power were focused on gimmicks such as his prohibition of sirens in the streets to make a show of being one with the people against the abuses of the mighty..."

"...He claims that he is not impervious to the people's grievances, but he feigns ignorance in the face of demands for land by the peasant masses. He babbles about agricultural services but has not said a word about dismantling the monopoly of land ownership and the suffering and oppression that this has wrought on the peasantry. And he definitely has not said anything about his clan's Hacienda Luisita..."

These words show how the administration, as well as the President himself seemingly doing the same task-of consolidating the ones within the rotten system, of upholding order while at the same time trying to give off bread and circuses without focusing on the perennial problems since he, landlord by background preferred "not to speak off" or "leaving it to the cabinet ministers". Remember the first news reports regarding his administration? They focused much on confiscating the blinkers and of the klaxons and of the President's tardiness instead of social problems, especially agrarian reform, education, and social services ready to be tackled and solved.

Another writeup, entitled "Destroy the Reactionary illusion of "hope"" spoke of the upcoming contraries of the administration to the "expected" foolishness, illusions garbed as "hopes" for the people.

"...The illusion, still being weaven, is primarily focused on the ideas of the urban petit bourgeoisie in order to strengthen trust with the new regime as well as the ruling class and to spread the illusion over to the people. Its objective is also to envelop or justify the continuation of the anti-national, anti-democratic and anti-people policies, programs of the government and the puppet reactionary state."

"...In the midst of the worsening crisis of the ruling system, it will quickly unveil the emptiness of "Kung walang corrupt, walang mahirap" Aquino. It would intensify poverty in the face of the absence of Aquino's program to address the underlying problems of the society. Rather, bureaucrat-capitalism will continue and corruption that is now led by a new group of big businessmen and bureaucrats who ride and invested heavily in his campaign..."

How come?
Go outside and look, or read some newspapers and documentaries assessing much of the current administration, then think what kind of "hope" are we thinking of if same problems remained as it is? We may have changed ourselves and yet the system remained as it is-rotten, backward and stunted out of the other side "Indo-Hispanic heritage" like landlordism, caciquism and worse, wingnut fanaticism like those of Palparan and Alcover trying to join the fray. And if that's the case, will the people get critical much of the administration despite the popularity? Will "hope" and "change" be fulfill in this rotten system manned by the people who bannered "hope" and "change"?

Like Mao Jiang Qing, I really think that in a rotten system, despite hope and change still there's no order, law nor heaven as the ones behind insist an order that is orderless as a result, heavenless as we see in a land wanting to be like heaven. The administration may ought to deny it, contrary to the realities that they tolerate a lawless, orderless society perpetuated by their hordes and replied by those who resist.