Sunday, July 25, 2010

In regards to the "State of the Nation Address" of Noynoy Aquino

In regards to the "State of the Nation Address" of Noynoy Aquino

Today, We all witness a historical bragging event known by the media as the "State of the Nation Address." And somehow it provides a mere showcase of promises and heckling statements as it opens the new session of the congress here in the Philippines. And due to the expectations of many, it would possibly end up the promises and the like rot while in the vicinity of the house of the people lies prominent personalities and the like.

This hell-of-a-kind address, again is another means to brag the rest of the people, whether Pilipino or foreign about the programs ought to fulfill in the first 100 days of the of the Administration, and due to the expectations of the many in this hell-of-a-kind "yellow fever" fueled by media made after the 2010 elections and of the inauguration, spoke of "fulfillment" although some may likely doom to fail out of anomalies being kept "secret" to avoid criticism.

But then,
Despite the frivolity, the promises to be spoken, and of the personalities being paraded in this kind of event, we must remember that Noynoy Aquino, the President of the "Republic of the Philippines" is not the late couple Ninoy and Cory as well as his grandfather Benigno sr. And how should we deal with it? Especially in regards to the media of putting much Noynoy into the "Aquino cult of personality?" This somehow is a big question to us Pilipinos regarding these people are, even his younger sister Kris, who tries to get into the scene.

In addition to that,
As we listen to his words, why not also listen to the SONA of the streets? Aside from the concerts and the like somehow it mirrors the realities happened in this rotten society, as well as telling to the people that the nation still in the verge of crisis no matter what kind of solution would be taken. Gloria may had done such things and yet the crisis still the same, and so is Noynoy who must ought to end it as the representative of the Pilipino people in general-especially on basic issues such as education, land reform, public development and others that may contribute to the nation as a whole.

On the other hand, I even notice that how come the wingnuts couldn't join the SONA? Especially Alcover, Palparan et al? Aside from being disqualified, being defeated along with the others? Are they again venting rage to the Left and making hysterical statements same as before or even do a Rios Montt and start calling for war against the unarmed left? Bah! I will call this a mockery of national unity as they want to call the people to revive their favorite tradition.

And as I assess the entire event in general, we must urge the people to "seek truth from facts" as time and again there will be truths being unearthed coming from facts that we couldn't deal through. You may have voted for Aquino but we forgot the events they are implicated like the Mendiola and the Hacienda Luisita massacre, the Low Intensity Conflict and of the rise of the death squads and vigilantes around the nation since the 80s. And again, Noynoy is not Cory nor Ninoy and even the late Benigno sr. or any other Aquinos of the old era. We must continuously grasp the truth and start seeking more and more truths from facts in this hell-of-a-kind society, not just through listening to SONA, but also in looking at evidences within the society in itself.