Monday, July 12, 2010

Reign of the Rejected!?

"Reign" of the Rejected!?

Regarding the "Rejectionists" in the power bloc,
specifically on Etta Rosales as Human Rights Chairperson

by Katleah Iskre Ulrike

Yesterday, I watched a news regarding the situation of the current administration. And aside from seeing a hodge-podge of personalities, mainly Liberals, Conservatives, and "Social" Democrats in the legislature and even the cabinet, I also think that it is also the time for the latter to start bragging and coddling with their "allies" in the Government once they called as their enemy.

One example is former Akbayan party-list Rep. Loretta Ann “Etta" Rosales.

Her background was and is, left. Being an activist, a once "National Democrat" turned "Rejectionist" and "Social" Democrat, she, along with the band of scene grabbers seemingly wanting to gain prominence as they supported Aquino for the presidency-that resulted to these people wanting posts in the cabinet.

And now, Rosales wanting to accept the CHR post, then vacated by Leila De Lima, who is now the Secretary of the Department of Justice. Well... the rejectionists, or rather say the "Social" Democrats seemingly starting to brag off to the public telling that with Rosales as the Human Rights Chairperson will make a swift justice. Even the defeated senatoriable Hontiveros says Rosales, who served as Akbayan representative from 1998 to 2007, “is more than qualified for the post."

As they continue bragging off to the public, they didn't notice that they themselves are forgetting that they are dealing with the enemy. According to Karapatan, it says Rosales once supported a compromise deal with the Marcoses, allegedly making her biased against human rights victims and advocates.

As according to the writeup, entitled "Etta Rosales as CHR chair? Aquino should think twice, says Karapatan" said:

“Our experience bears out that Ms. Rosales has shown bias against human rights violations victims and advocates such as Karapatan,” Marie Hilao-Enriquez said, Karapatan chairperson.

Enriquez, arrested and detained during martial law, cited the class action suit against the Marcoses filed by the Filipino victims in which former Rep. Rosales created divisions among the victims by agreeing to a compromise settlement with the Marcoses and establishing a separate group of victims that would choose monetary settlement over justice for the entire class.

“Ms. Rosales will not be objective in handling human rights violations cases,” she added, “and will not have sympathy for victims of human rights violations and their relatives. Her dismal performance as Chairperson of the Committee for Human Rights at the House of Representatives marked with prejudice against victims affiliated with our groups and network will taint, if not diminish, the independence of the Commission.”

Members of the "Social" Democratic Akbayan denied the allegiations, as Hontiveros called it absurd and said:

"Etta was a victim of the atrocities committed by the Marcos regime. To say that she is biased against the very same people she strongly identifies with flies in the face of logic," she says.

The topic seemingly focused much on the Marcoses and the Martial Law atrocities, but how about the Hacienda Luisita Massacre? Of crimes in which the Aquino regime participated, Will Rosales deal with it? Especially to the ones whose leaning comes from their ideological rivals?

Pragmatically speaking, it would be a little yes and a big no for these people who joined the yellow mafia and against the National Democrats. To the fact that they blamed the Communists, acting as "Psywar" agents that made them called as a "Good left" by then AFP general Esperon, I really think that they unveil much themselves as "capitulationists" and "opportunists" in the left spectrum.

And somehow as Rosales tried to become CHR's head, it would shift the scene from focusing the entire human rights violations in general to sorting it, and as they condemn the "National Democrats" then they would rather not entertain, or reject the pleas of activists being violated by the military et al. That would make Rosales's CHR biased much and instead focusing on "less" political ones so to speak.

Since, according to the writeup from Hilao's Karapatan said:

"...Over the last years, CHR has gained its credibility because of the willingness of the victims and different human rights institutions to cooperate. On this note, Ms. Rosales will not be able to earn the trust, confidence and cooperation of the victims and human rights organizations affiliated with Karapatan."

By the way,
Aside from CHR, how come these Rejected "left" turned yellow rah rah crowd couldn't get other departments, agencies like those of Agriculture and Land Reform? Aren't they suppose having these posts for their CARPER? Well... perhaps the CHR is what the "Social" Democrats hath got, the rest goes to the Liberals, to the Conservatives and even Wingnuts (if they joined in the fray).

Therefore, we must be on guard as these people started to work for the yellow padrino. For sure another anomaly will come amongst them, or the yellow kind in general-that would generate criticism worse than the last administration.