Monday, July 26, 2010

After the speech lies bad taste...

After the speech lies bad taste...

At first, we expected "hope" and "change" in this society as our "Dear Leader" President Noynoy Aquino made a short speech in his "State of the Nation Address" yesterday in Malacanang.

Despite the approval of the congressmen, supporters and foreign dignitaries who watched the entire scene, we noticed that most of his programs are the same concepts like the past regime, this time watered and even unveiling its overtly "Liberal" colour.

"Development", "Profit", "Modernization", and all of the terms alongside criticisms of the past regime are the by-words of the yesterday's address. And somehow it mirrors the ideas of a "Liberal" and an ally of the business sector. I even notice that the President didn't speak further regarding the past regime and the anomalies behind, except for the money being emphasized much in Pampanga as well as the alleged "Bonuses" in the waterworks-sewerage MWSS. How come alleged rampant corruption and the like haven't been unveiled until Noynoy spoke these in his SoNA?

And in addition to that,
Are there no plans to speak off except anti-corruption schemes, contracts with the private sector, of using the naval ports for foreign navies, of a bigger budget, anything free trade and "Liberal" as I may expect, including "Post Harvest facilities", "Farm to Market roads" and anything to the fact that they want to sugar-coat bitter pills for the people!

And if that's the case, will it solve the crisis fully? Noynoy didn't even speak an agenda for the workers except creating jobs while not speaking of a national industrial scheme nor the farmers for a genuine agrarian reform and the students for a greater subsidy as well as a just peace talk for the rebels except a mere ceasefire. Anything, again would end up a mere band aid, an anesthesia for the social illness!

To the rest who criticize Pnoy, comparing it to the food, the speech taste's "Matabang" to us, or in English-bad taste.

Lucky that the effigy of his didn't burn by the people.