Saturday, July 17, 2010

Int'l Meeting Supports Korean People's Cause of Justice-KCNA

Int'l Meeting Supports Korean People's Cause of Justice

Pyongyang, June 25 (KCNA) -- An international meeting of youth and students supporting the just cause of the Korean people took place at the People's Palace of Culture here on Friday as regards the lapse of ten years after the publication of the June 15 joint declaration and six decades since the outbreak of the Korean War by the U.S. imperialists.

Attending it were President of the WFDY Tiago Alexandre Ferraz Vieira and his party, delegations and delegates of youth and student organizations from Greece, Namibia, South Africa, Nepal, Germany, Laos, Lebanon, Syria, Sri Lanka, Senegal, India, Jordan, Spain, Vietnam, Palestine, Cuba, Cyprus, Portugal and other countries, delegates of the Latin American Continental Student Organization and the General Union of Arab Students, staff members of foreign embassies here and members of the delegation of the Korean Youth League in Japan.

Present were Secretary of the C.C., the Workers' Party of Korea Choe Thae Bok, First Secretary of the C.C, the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League Ri Yong Chol and officials of the league, officials concerned and youth and students.

Choe Thae Bok said in his congratulatory speech that the meeting is a great encouragement to the youths and other people of the DPRK pushing ahead with the building of a thriving socialist nation under the Songun leadership of Kim Jong Il.

The Korean people and youth will defend the sovereignty of the country and the dignity of the nation under the Songun revolutionary leadership of Kim Jong Il, fully perform their responsibility and role in the struggle for national reunification and prosperity of the country and strive to realize the human cause of independence in close unity with the progressive people and youths and students of the world, he declared.

He expressed conviction that the meeting would mark an important occasion in building up the world public opinion of condemning the reckless confrontation and war provocation moves of the U.S. and its followers who violate the DPRK's sovereignty and right to existence.

Tiago Alexandre Ferraz Vieira said in his keynote report that he will stand on the side of the Korean people struggling for the sovereignty of the country and its peaceful reunification.

He noted that the world progressive youths are highly praising the DPRK for having waged a dynamic struggle to open the door of reunification for the past several decades under the leadership of President Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il.

He termed the recent case of the south Korean warship "Cheonan" sinking in the waters of the West Sea a farce cooked up by the United States to aggravate the tensions between the north and the south.

Ri Yong Chol said in his supplementary report that the reality of the Korean Peninsula more clearly reveals the true colors of the U.S. as a wrecker of global peace and security and chieftain of aggression.

The U.S. and the south Korean puppet forces' ceaseless scheme to ignite a new war has been shattered and peace and security reliably defended on the Korean Peninsula thanks to the unique Songun politics of General Secretary Kim Jong Il, he said.

He expressed expectation and belief that the progressive youth and students and people of the world would as ever extend full support and solidarity to the Korean people including the youths in the struggle to open up a new phase for the independent reunification under the uplifted banner of Songun.

Speeches were made at the meeting by representatives of Asian, African, European and North American and Middle East regions.

Read out at the meeting was a letter to Kim Jong Il presented by delegations and delegates of youth and student organizations from different countries and regions who participated in the international meeting and solidarity march of youth and students for support to the just cause of the Korean people.

An appeal to governments, political parties and organizations of all countries was also adopted.