Saturday, July 24, 2010

Indignation? Or Humiliation?

Indignation? Or Humiliation?

regarding the July 20th rally of "Disqualified" Partylists
in front of the Commission on Elections office in Manila

Lately, I sought a photos depicting groups whose"disqualification" in the recent elections felt being "thrown away" by the Commission on Elections during the proclamation of the winners for partylist representatives.

And last time, they did this hell-of-a-kind action. Isn't it obvious that they, being disqualified for obvious reasons like "they are rich and not deserved to be a member of a marginalized sector" or "they are an organization not for electoral representation" end up making a rally just for the COMELEC to retract their words branding them as "disqualified"?

These groups being disqualified by the Commission on Elections, consists of LPGAMA, ANAD, AAMBIS-OWA, AKO BICOL, 1-CARE, BUTIL along with the members of Ating KOOP Partylists and supporters of a congressman coming from Lanao del Sur staged a rally in front of the Commisson on Elections last July 20 2010. The reason: They want to be proclaimed since they are "the voice of the 7-million voters for the 15th congress of the republic."

But then,
For obvious reasons like "they are organizations not really marginalized," "Arroyo-backed" or "created not for the purpose of representation in the elections" likely for them not to be accepted in the electoral arena as partylists. And yet how come they tried so?

In addition to that, some partylists are rather acting as hecklers rather than lawmakers in the prescence of the legislative arena. ANAD for instance is famous for making a heck towards the legal left as it vents much of its "Anti-Communist" sentiment and again trying to revive the 80s tactic of a "peoples war in reverse" as what they think of. AKO BIKOL is also ought to be disqualified not just because of being an Arroyo front and or supported, but one of its candidates is also an Arroyo too. Is the Comelec seriously wanting them to be disqualified out of reasonable causes as what being indicated in this writeup?

People somehow wanted a NO to the creation of an Arroyo bloc in the legislature. Having Gloria, Mikey, and even Dato, et al. In the halls of the legislature, will the people getting content to it? Of having ambitious persons, or hecklers like those of ANAD and profiteers guised as populists like those of LPGMA in the legislature?

We all noticed it, the rallies being shown in photos? Bear much desperation in it although they brag that they had 'gains' in it as ANAD's Alcover called it as a "Temporary setback" and still, assailing the left again and again, unveiling its desparacy for being disqualified in the elections. And so are the others "carrying an uncommon cause." For sure they may do a Hitler like those of the "Harzburg front" of right-wingers and conservatives and the like or the Guatemalan crisis led by Rios Montt and of the Frente Republicano Guatemelco that end up violent as most of their supporters carried machetes. Remember Alsa Masa, the machete-wielding Tadtad, and the vigilante groups in the late 80s?

As an assessment from the antifascist site, the July 20 indignation rally, to others is a showcase of desperation in those who are being disqualified out of a reasonable cause. And in this Aquino era, we must be vigilant as hecklers guised as lawmakers are starting to break loose and doing something to harm democracy in the name of democracy nastier than their so-called enemy, for the fact that we want no fascist, profiteer, or a member of a corrupt clan meddling in the democratic process for their selfish gains.

I hope we don't want a Jueves Negro as its last resort amongst them. Antfascists must unite and resist against their meaningless cause worse as "ours" according to them.