Saturday, July 17, 2010

NPA Facilitates Return to Civilian Status of Minor Recruited as Combatant by AFP

NPA Facilitates Return to Civilian Status of Minor
Recruited as Combatant by AFP*

NPA-Southern Mindanao Regional Operations Command
16 July 2010

"Jomar" (true name withheld to protect his rights), the minor recruited as combatant by the 10th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army-AFP was turned over by the Conrado Heredia Command--NPA to his family this afternoon somewhere in the revolutionary base areas of Guerilla Front 20. In line with the international rules of war, specifically because of his age of minority, the NPA did not consider him a prisoner of war (POW).

By facilitating his return to his family, the MAC-NPA corrects the serious and long running misconduct and violation of international humanitarian law committed by the 10th ID-AFP and its 72nd IB CAFGU mis-handler pertaining to the recruitment of minors for AFP combat duties. While the AFP, by deliberate and deceitful design, made a combatant out of "Jomar" and 18 other minors from a single batch of CAFGU in 2008 alone, the NPA made concrete steps to allow him to revert to civilian status.

The NPA checkpoint in Monkayo, Compostela Valley on June 19, 2010 where CAFGU "Jomar" was arrested allowed the truth to surface. Where it not for this, the likes of 10th ID-AFP Maj. Gen. Carlos Holganza and his mouthpiece Capt. Emmanuel Garcia would have continued to swindle the people with a straight face and misrepresent fake as fact, hoax as honesty and trick as truth.

We found the smoking gun, so to speak, in so far as the evidence of the AFP's covert policy of minor recruitment is concerned. It turns out in reality that AFP black propaganda against the people's army is a matter of official policy long implemented and practiced in its own dirty backyard.

Again, the people in the region can retort to these fascist liars, and with oozing zest say: Preposterous! Fool Yourselves!