Sunday, July 18, 2010

Are we really "Non-Aligned" or "Newly emerging"?

Are we really "Non-Aligned" or "Newly emerging"?

by Lualhati Madlangawa-Guererro

It seems that most nations today are becoming dependent on the wishes of the imperialist United States. As most leaders becoming puppets one by one, whether elected or being appointed through a puppet Junta, these people seemingly turning their independent nations into semicolonies and the like.

Worse as most of them are bragging to the peoples of the world that they are "Non-Aligned" or "Newly Emerging" force. Save to those who are strongly defending their independence as a nation.

How come I say so?
Being a part of the "Third World" meant a need for a social revolution. Sensing that the society is backward, underdeveloped or developing, living in a "Third World" society emphasisied a need for a genuine upliftment and a ceaseless change in order to surpass the "First World" in terms of production and of modernization-all due to the direct participation of the people and of the continuous manning of machineries.

Secondly, most of the developing and underdeveloped nations ought to be united under a common goal of collective empowerment, as well as united against the background of primary political importance. Third World nations also meant a total Non-Alignment as well as a tendency to become a "Newly Emerging Force" willing to destroy the system created by the exploiting countries and solidarise with the people affected by the system's crises.

But then,
As we all notice, that these nations, despite acting "true" to their ideas and principles didn't seriously enact, except those nations true to their principle as "Independent, Socialist, and Democratic", most remained cling to the wishes of the west and instead acting as satellites, neocolonies in an "Independent" garb. The Philippines, being a "Third World" country is a semicolony of the United States and at the same time a Semifeudal state that also benefits both the domestic feudal lord-cum-capitalist and of the foreign investor. How come these "Third World" countries, while acting "Independent" in the face of the earth remained cling to the wishes of the west? Aren't they supposed to be "Non-Aligned" and "Newly Emerging Force"?

Indonesia, for instance, once tried to become a "Newly Emerging Force" due to the ideas of Soekarno's Pancasila and its by-product Nasakom (Nationalism, God and Communism) against the Neoklim (Neocolonialism and Imperialism) tide. But due to the interference of the western-oriented generals like those of Soeharto, Nasution, and Malik end up becoming a satellite state of the west, especially of the United States and its support for its "Anti-Communist" policies usually pointing against the activists and of the Chinese community.

And yet,
These countries banner that they are "Non-Aligned" but supporting the imperialists? Isn't it obvious that they ate their words as they done such action contrary to the ideals of Non-Alignment and focusing on self-development as a third world country and as a NeFo? For sure the Philippines awaits for another Bonifacio, Mabini, Laurel and Recto whilst the Indonesians awaits for another Soekarno and Musso, Adit and Tan Malaka. I really notice very much that a reactionary controlled system, rotten in nature is prone to being a satellite state, a puppet of a bigger entity and at the same time venting off lies that they are "Non-Aligned" and "Developing Progressively."

And through this hell-of-a-kind Criticism made by yours truly, it shows that are we really "Non-Aligned" and willing to become a "Newly Emerging Force"? The system would be No but to us, the oppressed peoples of the third world will answer it: YES, WE ARE THE NON-ALIGNED, NEWLY EMERGING FORCES OF THE WORLD!