Saturday, July 31, 2010

Pyongyang Maternity Hospital 30 Years Old-KCNA

Pyongyang Maternity Hospital 30 Years Old

Pyongyang, July 29 (KCNA) -- The Pyongyang Maternity Hospital has been birthplace of at least 710,000 children since its foundation on July 30, Juche 69 (1980) and many barren women became mothers there.

The women in the DPRK call the hospital the benevolent baby's palace and their parents' home as they enjoy the benefits of free medical care.

More than 390 triplets and quadruplets were born and over 600 triplets have grown up there for the past 30 years since the birth of the first triplet in September 1980.

During this period competent mobile medical service units rushed to different parts of the country to assist more than 220 women in childbirth of triplets and helicopters flew to several places of the country including its northern tip and the secluded mountainous villages to bring 16 triplets back to their life by a miracle.

The hospital is equipped with all possible conditions for women diagnosed to have been conceived with triplets to receive hospital treatment for several months for easy delivery and a system of bringing them up till they weigh 4 kg each.

When the first triplets arrived in July 1947 President Kim Il Sung put his heart and soul into bringing them up and taking care of their health, saying it was a very auspicious event that the first triplet was born in the liberated country. He saw to it that the state takes special care of triplets and their mothers with responsibility in the future.

General Secretary Kim Jong Il initiated the construction of the best maternity hospital in the world and personally chose its site. He even made sure that the wonderful floor studded with jewels decorated in the pattern of beautiful flowers was paved at the hospital and has steadily sent advanced medical appliances and equipment, valuable medicines, honey and tonics more than hundred times.

Whenever triplets were born, he wished them happy future before anybody else and saw to it that they are given different kinds of gifts including not only clothes, blankets and nutritious food but cloths for their wedding dresses. He also made sure that silver-decorated knives (for baby boys) and gold rings (for baby girls) with the date of their birth carved were given to them as gifts to be memorable in their lifetime.

So all triplets who were born after the country's liberation and their parents received those gifts.

Today the party and the state make sure that the triplets are taken care of by doctors, nurses and nursery school teachers exclusively in charge of their upbringing from the moment of their birth. Their lives and health have been protected in a scientific way thanks to the state system of general medical examination and health care. They grow up at provincial baby homes until they become four years old and then their parents are granted state benefit till they reach 8 years old.