Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Modus Operandi of the Educator Capitalists must Stop!

The Modus Operandi of the Educator Capitalists must Stop!

By Katleah Iskre Ulrike

"Before anything else, it is necessary to make education universal and compulsory. Under the new organization of life, on new foundations, it will be necessary for those young in years to become accustomed to useful labor. The pupils in the schools must therefore become accustomed to various kinds of productive work. The gates of the higher institutions must be open to all..."

These are the words saidth by Nikolai Bukharin regarding a need for compulsory and universal education in the Soviet Union during its early days, and this statement also are the words what every progressive nation needs especially for the future's youth.

But then,
As time goes by, we notice that every educational institution forgot this kind of idea, and instead treating it as an enterprise, a corporate "social responsibility" of a bigger entity than a genuine obligation. And noticing how state colleges and universities as well as the private ones imposing bigger fees directly against the students in general, are they doing things right? And if it is, then is it directly allocated to services...or to the pockets of the bureaucrats?

According to the previous writeups, it shows how these people behind "education", whether slight or obvious, neglects its obligation while focusing too much on profit: As they undergo liberalization, commercialization and the like, lessens quality education as they say into a cosmetic matter, and making things worse-ordering people to pay "fees" as what they said so, boasting of development.
-From the writeup "Anger against the fee"

"It must start from the internal, since we're much emphasised on the external. There's UAAP, topnochers, all of them are champions. But we must consider our internal problems."

"I hope they consider first the students who are agonizing in paying the tuition fee but willing to finish their future in UE."
- Crisostomo Consul
(from the writeup entitled
"UE's Affirmation of its capitalistic, or rather say corporate tendency")

These words are somehow shown "what's going on behind the university" as administrators continue profiteering too much whilst not seriously improving quality education and student welfare-except the ones they kept on bragging. However, Despite these words willing to be read by a bigger audience, few would seriously think about this regarding the crisis in every educational institution while more and more students are studying in those institutions, bannering in its tarpaulins such words like "future", "good education" or even "low tuition fees" that in fact false due to the schemes made by the administrators in regards to those payments. In addition to that, The "apathetic" crowd, being "desensitized" and "reified" by the administration, would rather act blind, deaf, or mute, worse if they deny those kind of things unless they experience and seriously feel the fury of getting "milked" too much by the educator capitalists whether it is state or in private. They would rather listen to the "safe" topics or worse to the propaganda being parroted by the administrators or to the wingnut academics! I know that this hell-of-a-kind topic would last for a long long time, thanks to those Educator Capitalists, who spend time looking at numbers, of emphasizing on generating income to the point of neglecting their priorities in educating the youth as the nation's future. Education indeed nowadays is becoming a privilege as the government imposed neoliberal policy over the entire third world society, of seriously implementing laissez faire to all sectors including this hell-of-a-kind education.

And somehow out of these lies the modus operandi of the ones behind the scene.
According to the writeup coming from the National Union of Students of the Philippines made last 2009:

"NUSP executive vice president Einstein Recedes said that many schools have been "profiting for decades" from exorbitant and some "absurd" school fees such as development fee, energy fee, comelec fee, copier fee, accreditation fee and cultural fee.

Recedes said that the deregulated environment of education has allowed for the existence of profit-making schools which have "repeatedly failed to provide quality education." Recedes cited miserable passing rates in board exams other gauges of education quality showing a decline in Philippine education in the past two decades.

"Many schools, already allowed to collect a gamut of school fees and charges have merely been emboldened by CHED's guidelines on tuition increases since CHED Memo 13 doesn't even require the school to consult proposed miscellaneous fee increases and new fees with students," said Recedes.

Recedes pointed to various "profit-making schemes" that were designed by schools to circumvent possible regulation by the CHED. "Schools are implementing such schemes as the ladderized tuition and other fees and the carry-over scheme which assumes a different rate of tuition for the different year levels."

And upon reading it, it unveils a modus operandi made by these profiteers while exploiting CHED memorandum order to the infamous Education act of 1982 imposed by then secretary Carino, who end up being killed by a young armed partisan out of his anti-people action.
The "Carry-over" Scheme, tried much in UE "with success", was not also limited in that said institution. According to another writeup from Sun Star made last June 9 2010 entitled "Ched urged to stop school fee hike", noticing how that modus operandi also gained notoriety in Benguet:

"National Union of Students in the Philippines (NUSP)-Baguio-Benguet chairperson Finela Mejia said the Commission on Higher Education (Ched) should help review and intervene in the implementation of tuition and other increases and other fees in Baguio City for academic year 2010-2011 even if classes have already started in some schools.

Moreover, the NUSP, representing other progressive student organizations in the city, added the Ched should monitor and act on alleged irregularities in the consultation process for tuition increases.

"We submitted this appeal in accordance with the guidance of tuition and other fees increases and with the expectation that you will consider this appeal in approving the tuition and other fees increases in 12 colleges and universities in the region that increased either in tuition or in other miscellaneous fees," Mejia said.

Aside from tuition increases, carry-over schemes are likewise being opposed, said Mejia who considers it a scheme of higher education institutions to overburden the Filipino youth and mostly their parents.

However, Bernal in an earlier interview said the carry-over scheme gives the incoming freshman a choice to enroll in the school or not."
Again, These statements somehow shown the attempts what the administrators ought to deny with. And through recalling their infamous and yet "keeping it low profile" acts against the studentry, making them imbued with consciousness and to realize that the Educator Capitalists "milked" them unconsciously while studying their lessons. To the fact that millions of students stopped from schooling not because of the mainstream perception of tardiness, but of higher fees and of modus operandis made by these scholasticapitalists and supported by decrees empowering "capital" over "education".

I hope every people, especially the student ought to think regarding the "events behind" the education scene. The anomalies happened all the time are often covert if not exposed, to the fact that most students end up a part of the massed ranks of unemployed or staying unenrolled out of controversial fees being paid. We must urge them to stop from furthering their modus operandi or else-a tendency of student-faculty-staff control of these institutions would be taken as its resort, a part of a people's struggle towards a nationalist, scientific and mass oriented education and culture.