Sunday, May 1, 2011




On April 25th the Korean People's Army celebrated the 79th anniversary of its foundation.

In today's world the KPA is the most formidable armed force that confronts US imperialism, the sworn enemy of progressive humankind . The KPA stands guard over not just the achievements of Korean style Juche socialism but over the destiny of world socialism.

The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung at an early stage the truth that the revolution is advanced and defended by the cause of arms. He inherited 2 pistols from his father Mr Kim Hyong Jik. He resolved to form a revolutionary armed force. Thus the KPA was founded as the the Anti Japanese People's Guerrilla Army in Antu deep in the forests of Manchuria in 1932 by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung. The AJPGA was an army of the workers and peasants and a revolutionary armed force of the Korean people. It was founded without the support of a state or a rear base. It was the first guerrilla army in the world organised under the banner of Marxism-Leninism. Rather than recieving generous foreign aid(in fact some people thought that the USSR would provide a grenade factory but they were disappointed) it wrested weapons from the Japanese aggressors and made its own such as the Yongil bomb.

The AJPGA was re organised into the Korean People's Revolutionary Army in March 1934.It fought many battles under the command of the great revolutionary leader comrade Kim Il Sung,sun of Juche ,military strategic genius and ever victorious iron-willed brilliant commander. The anti Japanese partisans of the KPRA had to undergo many hardships.The KPRA ,under the command of the great leader leader general Kim Il Sung smashed the Jap imperialist aggressors at Pochonbo, Musan and many other places.It defeated the million strong Kwangtung army of Japanese imperialism and liberated Korea on the 15th of August 1945.

The KPRA was transformed into a regular standing army on the 8th of February 1948. The great leader comrade Kim Il Sung ensured that self reliant defence industries were started. The DPRK manufactured its first tommy -guns in the late 1940s.

The KPA a new Juche based armed force,which totally and thoroughly inherited the traditions of the anti Japanese armed struggle,recieved a real baptism of fire on the 25th June 1950 when the US imperialists and south Korean puppets launched the Korean War against the young independent DPRK. The KPA under the command of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung a military strategic genius and ever victorious iron willed brilliant commander defeated the US imperialists .The US was not only the strongest military power in the world , undefeated in many wars, but also dragged into the war its satellite states such as the UK (to my eternal shame),France,Netherlands and others. Thus it was not easy for the KPA to defeat such a formidable armed invasion force. The KPA was also short of weapons as its allies did not supply them speedily enough . The KPA employed self-reliant Juche orientated military tactics including new forms of warfare such as tunnel warfare .It was by the dint of such tactics and the commanding art of the great leader Marshal Kim Il Sung that US imperialism was defeated not only militarily but morally and politically as an era of decline for US imperialism started.

After the Korean war the US imperialists continued their provocations against the DPRK but were smashed each time by the heroic KPA under the command of the great revolutionary leader Marshal Kim Il Sung. This included the "Pueblo" incident of 1968, the EC121 incident, the Panmunjom incident and others.

The great leader Marshal Kim Il Sung not only put forward the concept that the People's Army is the army of the working class,the army of the revolution and the army of the party but also that each soldier is a match for a hundred .The line of making the army a cadre army in which each member could carry out the duties of the next rank. The line of arming the whole people and fortifying the nation was also implemented. Of course the modern revisionists seized with fear of imperialism and obessed with "peaceful co existence" got their lackey in the DPRK the anti party counter revolutionary factionalists to oppose the slogan " a match for a hundred" but the rank and file KPA soldiers responded by chiselling the slogan into a rock.

Self-reliant defence is one of the central pillars of the Juche ideology. The DPRK developed self reliance in defence and was not dependent on other countries for its defence. The great revolutionary leader comrade Kim Il Sung realised both through the experience of the anti Japanese revolutionary struggle and the Fatherland Liberation War as well incidents outside the country such the Cuban missile crisis(in which the revisionist USSR betrayed the Cuban people by doing a deal with the US imperialists) that a country should only rely on itself for defence and not outsiders.

Leader Kim Jong Il,the son of partisans, continued splendidly the cause of Juche army building and developed the Songun revolution in depth . He began giving on the spot guidance to the KPA on the 25th August 1960 when he visited the Ryu Kyong Su Guard no 105 tank unit(the KPA tank unit that was first to liberate Seoul in June 1950). He took a keen interest in military affairs and wrote a lot of works on military affairs. He became the supreme commander of the KPA in 1991.

The KPA grew even stronger under the leadership of Songun supreme commander comrade Kim Jong Il. The KPA faced down the US imperialists in the first and second 'nuclear crisis' .The US imperialists were also humbled in the 1994 'helicopter incident' in which a KPA soldier brought down a Yank helicopter with a single shot.

The KPA came to have its own self reliant nuclear deterrent .This was made with 100% DPRK technology and resources. It is a true nuclear "Yongil bomb" or the Songun bomb. The KPA also has powerful long range missiles which were proudly displayed in 2007 and 2010 .However its strongest weapon is the unity of the officers and soldiers, the unity of the army and leader and the army and the people. Juche teaches that the outcome of war is not decided solely by weapons and technology but by those who hold them.

The KPA is a strong army,patient but but strong. The US imperialists and south Korean puppets ceaselessly carried out war provocations in 2010 .The KPA repeatedly warned them to desist. The foolish south Korean puppets ignored the warnings.

Recklessly in November they carried out live fire exercises in the West Sea area and fired shells into the territory of the DPRK damaging houses. The KPA retaliated blasting Yongphyong Island. The puppets and the US imperialists blustered about retaliation etc. but in reality could do nothing against the mighty KPA of Songun commanded by brilliant commander of Mt Paektu general Kim Jong Il .The KPA is the invincible army of Songun founded by the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung and commanded by the great leader comrade Kim Jong Il.