Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cols Sumagaysay and Gubat, Guaranteed Liars! -NPA (NDF)

Cols Sumagaysay and Gubat, Guaranteed Liars!*

Roslyn Pelle Command
NPA-North Negros
May 23, 2011

This is the latest statement of Ka Cecil Estrella sent to the media as reply to the non-stop dis-information and lies that are being peddled by the said military officials. According to these AFP officials that there was a series of “ mis-encounters between NPA units in Northern Negros that resulted to numerous casualties of the Red Army and were buried secretly to evade public attention.

These are all lies according to Ka Estrella. She explaines that the NPA has accounted and admitted its casualties last February, March and June 2010 in Manapla, Cadiz and Calatrava.

“From August 2010 til March 2011, after more than 10 encounters between the NPA and the Phil Army in Northern Negros, there was only one NPA casualty, KA Ronel, 46 years old who was martyred in the firefight in Brgy Cambayobo last January 29, 2011. However more than 30 Phil Army troopers were killed or wounded in these encounters that the military tried to hide but the people in the area of the encounters knew about these,” explained ka Estrella.

“This is simply an old record of disinformation that Gubat and Sumagaysay wants to convey regarding “NPA misencounters” in Cambayubo, Calatrava, the fact is it is their troops that engage in mis-encounters among themselves that resulted to the death of 18 soldiers. Even the AFP casualties in the firefight in Sitio Odiong, Brgy Bnadila last oct 21, 2010 and in Sitio Lakanon, Brgy Libertad, Escalante on November 15, 2010 were also covered up,” said the NPA statement.

“ The AFP loves repeating the incredible tales of blood flow along the way, NPA casualties being piled up in a cart but the truth is it is their casualties in their own mis-encounters being secretly extracted,” Ka Cecille added.

“The disinformation and psywar works of Sumagaysay and Gubat is one aspect of Oplan Bayanihan. This OPLAN follows the US imperialist war on terror and the US counter-insurgency guide that aims to destroy the revolutionary movement, deceive the people and consciously spread disinformation.”

Ka Estrella further said that the fascist Phil Army officials believe that when lies are being repeatedly woven and spread, these will become “truth” in the mindset of the public.

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