Thursday, May 19, 2011

Of having 22 after disagreeing 13 and earlier nothing...

Of having 22 after disagreeing 13 and earlier nothing...

It takes a long hour, week for a worker to work just to have a wage increased by only 22 pesos.

In fact, that kind of increase is not enough to support the daily needs of an average worker, and perhaps an average Pilipino in general-especially in midst of the growing crisis like the increase in the prices of commodities, fares for MRT and LRT, and other means of transportation. Otherwise, it is a mere slap to the workers by an administration who, despite calling for a major change in the bureaucracy originally opted NOT to increase wages and using the regional wage boards as an alibi.

We usually expect this idea of having administrators giving workers an increase not enough to support-in fact, its more of a personal sentiment than a national obligation to increase wages to a worker who work continuously to support their daily need; that to others more of “giving them crumbs” than of the bread, of “bones” and “scraps” than of the meat. We really expect this much for in every daily doing these realities affect our daily lives!

First, we heard the Labour Department stating that there are no wage increase to be undertaken:

“…Baldoz said a wage increase has become unlikely because the first regional wage board to tackle the issue—that of Metro Manila—has scheduled its first public hearing only for May 2, a day after Labor Day.”

Then we expect this one, according to the Employers Confederation of the Philippines:

“Based on the erosion rate (of the peso) in the National Capital Region (NCR), the increase in wages should only be P13.35,”

Then finally:

"The National Wages and Productivity Commission (NWPC) announced yesterday that workers in Metro Manila are finally getting a P22 increase in their daily take-home pay after two years of waiting for adjustments."

Only Metro Manila on the final part, but how about the others?

Every workingperson around the nation are yearning for a real, progressive decent wage, especially in midst of the crisis prevailing nowadays. Yet as expected much that using the regional wage boards and other similar sentiments as alibis, these proposals are rather slap to the faces, that the administration is as if thinking of these proposals to be discussed upon as a child's play or a mere almsgiving, especially in regards to a 22 peso wage increase that is, equivalent to an almsgiving than of a state obligation to impose a progressive wage increase better than the current one.

Productivity nowadays and not of individual fame through having bigger properties and stock is the key to a progressive society. We expected much that through continuous productivity, like the recent increase in rice harvest, would resulted to a greater breakthrough in the prices of rice and even foodstuffs; yet to others, a sort of propganda that everybody didn't feel much the result of the harvest, especially to a farmer who worked hard and earned too little doing that same thing of plant and harvest rice for both consumption and trade; so are the workers who worked even overnights, increasing efforts in productivity only to have a mere almsgiving in the form of 22 peso increase, worse? Only Metro Manila.

after all, whats with 13, 22, or even 50 or 75 peso increase if crisis continue to prevail? Is this a result of continuous hard work, including savings?

It is not enough for a worker to remain contented. Strikes will rise up as possible as capitalists, landlords continue to maintain the rotten features of the system and repressing the people, continuously all for the sake of increasing profits and less of welfare. Since having a 22 peso increase is not really an increase at all-but a mere almsgiving, a slap to the working class!

And thus,