Saturday, May 7, 2011

Six soldiers seriously wounded in NPA-Rizal latest tactical offensive against government troops!-NPA (NDF)

Six soldiers seriously wounded
in NPA-Rizal latest tactical offensive against government troops!*

Macario "Ka Karyo" Liwanag
Narciso Antazo Aramil Command,
May 6, 2011

The New People's Army unit operating in Rizal Province under Narciso Antazo Aramil Command (NAAC-NPA-Rizal) launched a successful landmine operation/harrasment operations against a section of government troops under the Bravo Coy, of "butcher" 16th IB Company, 2nd ID-PA led by Lt. Partoza in Brgy. Mamuyao, Tanay, Rizal yesterday afternoon, May 5, 2011. The government troops were going conducting offensive combat/patrol/psy-war operations inside the territory of the revolutionary government.

After 15 minutes exchange of fire, six government soldier were seriously wounded including its commanding officer Lt. Partoza, Private First Class Cañaveral and 4 other government soldiers The small squad of NPA fighters who conducted this tactical offensive suffered no casualty and safely returned in their camp inside the Sierra Madre mountain..

This tactical offensive is the continuous response of the NPA-Rizal to the demands of the people of Rizal Province to punish members of the "Butcher" 16th IB-PA- AFP troops who are harassing, intimidating and destroying peoples' lives and livelihood of the indigenous people Dumagats and Remontados and the ordinary farmers and civilian in Rizal province.

This tactical offensive is also our response to the counter-insurgency program of Noynoy Aquino regime OPLAN BAYANIHAN which is no different from the failed OBL I&II of GMA regime. We can say now that this Oplan Bayanihan will surely fail and will never defeat the revolutionary movement in Rizal. It will suffer the same defeat that all past counter-insurgency plan of reactionary regime from Marcos up to the GMA regime suffered.

We also express our thanks to the people of Rizal Province including those concerned members of PNP, CAFGU-AFP and government officials who extends their help to us. Their timely information regarding the movements and activities of the AFP troops who wantonly wreak havoc to the lives and properties of the people was crucial for us to be able to launch this successful tactical offensive. We promise the people of Rizal that we will not let the reactionary AFP-PNP continuously violate their human rights without having them pay high price for their crimes against the people.

Long Live the New People's Army!
Long Live the Communist Party of the Philippines
Long Live the National Democratic Front of the Philippines
Long Live the Filipino People!

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