Saturday, May 21, 2011

Of One-wheeled Tanks and vehicles

Of One-wheeled Tanks and vehicles

By Paul Smirnoff

These vehicles were mostly experiements laid upon by the U.S. Army regarding one or two wheeled armed manned vehicles. These vehicles were rarely seen much by the people, given as they are rather concieved as experiments, prototypes that were later to be scrapped if failed as vehicles to be used by the armed forces.

In fact, these vehicles may at first look fictitious since they are rarely to be seen and limited to some articles such as "Popular Science" or at the archives of U.S. Military. They are once being classified as secret as most innovators of these vehicles were usually trying to create, improve, or innovate it further with few people noticing it, especially military men of course.

Today somehow these vehicles, if not found in museums or scrapped of for sake, perhaps are still in its vault acting as prototypes for another set of one-wheeled vehicles to be created, innovated by scientists, innovators being called by the rest as "weird" or worse, "crazy."

To a writer and avid admirer of technology and countercultural tendencies, I consider these experiments a part of modern-day warfare and of course, technology as well. For sure more and more will unveil as time goes by, as scientists are willing to have its blueprints be shown by many as part of its ambitious, or rather semi-realistic plan of offering everything to humanity.

November 1933

July 1936

Once, there was an Italian built a monocycle in the year 1931, that according to some sources, it was capable of 150 KPH, or about 93 MPH. That vehicle, like the one-man tanks made for the U.S. Military, was somewhat rare to be seen by many, that made some individuals inspire to create similar innovations of a one-man vehicle.

And nowadays, it would be like this:

Or this: