Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Of Yankeephilic individuals, sentiments, and their narrow mindedness

Of Yankeephilic individuals, sentiments, and their narrow mindedness

"Our nation (The United States of America) was based on the ideal of individual Freedoms and individual rights no other nation was created on those principles. That is why we dominate because when we are at our best we liberate individuals to be the best they can be doing what they love doing. And we believe that each individual has the right to make their own choices."

These words mirror an idea of a narrow minded American loyalist. These words also state the fact trying to justify America as dominator of the world, using such phrases like individual rights and individual freedoms, privileges that in fact, being deprived in nations under their control. How wonder why people agreed to this kind of sentiment regardless of bloodshed, ravage, everything what their "sovereign country" did to others.

Upon reading it, sounds nice and appealing that the person saying those words was trying to justify America as "Liberator" like during World War II, Korea, Vietnam even Afghanistan and Iraq, but to the victims of that "Liberator", will they accept that kind of sentiment said so? Partially yes but absolutely NO!

First, they may agree on such sentiment like rights, freedoms, but at the same time opposing the point of view of every American-that instead of being "Liberated", it is as if being "Forced", "Imposed" that is contrary to their aspirations, ideas, including their well-cherished freedoms and rights, that are, inherent to every people and their respective societies.

Bragging with pride as "Vanguard of Democracy", "Liberty", the United States of America is as if monopolizing everything that, everything contrary to their so-called principles are to be perished, destroyed by force if not by embargo or anything just to submit to their will; as evidenced in the past, we sought every nation being "neo-colonialized" by the great almighty U.S.ofA are rather acting as if gardens, mining and oil fields, everything an American ought to get a bigger chunk of it both the kind and the profit accumulated. The Philippines for example, they produced sugar, rice, cacao, copra just be exported away than to feed its own people!

Once there's a person countering the former sentiment, and said:

"Because we LIE.
We lie about everything.
Deception has got us where we are today.
"America" meaning the rich bankers and companies dominates not only the world but doesnt hesitate to screw its own people for profit. THey are literally KILLING us slowly for profit."

True to say so, as every report taken, profiteers in the guise of bankers and companies are gaining much profit because of the conflict, of the crisis taken pitting much the people while conditioning them to their consciousness like "self-centeredness" and the like; especially the concept of "Peace through Strength" that is, justifying Imperialism as its main purpose of creating conflicts in the pretext of maintaining order.

Speaking of that so-called "Peace through Strength", and its justification of producing much arms, training more men for the sake of goddamned Imperialism and profiteering, it somehow creating a conflict that is, resorting that has no victory nor any armistice but only total destruction; as evidenced by the arms race both by U.S. and U.S.S.R, it really creates a scene of a disaster, of trying to escape and looking for a peaceful world for the sake of maintaining lives.

Once, I remember a group of persons venting rage against the system in the Philippines, but despite their rage, I noticed that how come they are against the system yet admiring America and its system? And they even wanted the Philippines as part of America! as one of them said:

"The Philippine government is against the Filipino people. Our government officials have proven over and over again that they are worth shit! I'd rather see the Philippines as one of the states of America!"

Nice to say that the government is against the people, but how come that person wanted the Philippines to be a part of America? The Great Satan and the No.1 mass murder under the pretext of maintaining peace and order? Didn't he remember the early days of American colonization? Of having Samar turned into a howling wilderness? Of the struggles of the Pilipino people ranging from Millenarian-Populist movements (quoting Nemenzo) to Bourgeois Nationalists? Such sentiment, so to speak is not a patriot at all; worse? How come you are saying FUCK THE SYSTEM if you also support a SYSTEM who dominates the SYSTEM you are FUCKING off?

Another person, also said something against the system, and here it goes:

"Throughout history the Philippine government has always been corrupt, inhumane, wrong and evil. Filipino politicians are absolutely incapable of running the government. The system is going through a process of self-destruction. The END is near."

Nice to hear it, but on the other hand:


Oh God! Sweet Stalin! You spoke of self-destruction and change, but how come you favor America than the Pilipino themselves in running their affairs? Your idol had a tattoo bearing the sun and the symbol of "Ka" representing Freedom, but why America? Where's the essence of destroying the system only to submit to America's wishes? It's like choosing McKinley over Bonifacio regardless of having a "Ka" Tattoo or everything "Patriotic" adorning your home! What's the purpose of those things anyway? Aestheic purposes? Mere displays of curiosity?

In assessing these kind of people, they are rather misunderstood enough to be called as upbringers of change, or rather say they don't speak change at all... but rather preserve everything, of having entire nations weak whilst their idol as strong.