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Regarding "The Great Rapture"

Regarding "The Great Rapture"

Last time, there are many billboards showing around the world wanting us to repent and to prepare for the coming doom as Harold Camping and his Family Radio vented messages of "preparing to meet thy doom" in May 21, 2011.

The message Camping said so seemed to be too skeptical and prone much to ridicule as last year, we heard about 2012 according to the Mayan Calendar, or earlier, the ones coming from the Seventh-Day adventists and other similar sects, cults, around the world. Such messages, on the other hand perhaps are rather acting as "signals" for the coming rapture that is, far from their perceptions.

AS according to the Orlando Sentinel, it said that Camping cites two Bible passages to determine the date. The Book of Peter implies that the end of the world will occur 7,000 years from the date of the great flood. And the Book of Genesis says the flood occurred on the "17th day of the second month." Taking a look at the Jewish calendar, the de facto guide in that era, May 21, 2011, is the corresponding date. Family Radio predicts that great earthquakes will shake the earth at 6 p.m. on the 21st, continuing for five months.

In fact, I believe some of his words except that message. That "hell" is synonymous with "death" and the "grave", and that there is no everlasting torment and the Cross was just a demonstration of what had already happened before the foundation of the world. The way how Bro. Eli Soriano spoke that the Bible does not condemn the hormonally imbalanced persons or the gays and the lesbians but the sodomites as Sodomites are heterosexuals who practice homosexual sex because of their perversion.
But in reality, perhaps as for Camping's message about "Hell" synonymous with "Death" or "Grave", "Hell" is in fact, the Earth itself dominated by the repressors, of those who keep the rotten social order whilst its people endure absolute slavery and repression; and Heaven? The so-called "Utopia" mankind wanted to achieve.

Here's the Song entitled "Pantasya" by Ramon Ayco:

Kay tagal ko ring
Nabuhay sa Pantasya
Ang buhay raw ng tao
Kapalaran ang may pasya
Tulad ng gulong
Mapataas, mapababa
Ngunit bakit tayo
Lagi na lang dukha

Kay tagal ko ring
Nabuhay sa paniwala
Kapalaran daw ng tao
Darating na lang kusa
O ito'y itinakda
Guhit ng tadhana
Ngunit ito pala'y
Isa lamang haka-haka

Koro: Ang dating mga pangarap
Tinapon ko nang lahat
Ang langit nating mga dukha
Tayo ang gagawa dito sa lupa

Ngayo'y alam ko na
Kung bakit naghihirap
Tayong mga dukhang
Punong-puno ng haka-haka
Ang langit at impiyerno
Sila rin ang may likha
Langit ay kanila
Tayo ang kawawa

Ngayo'y alam ko na
Ang tunay na mga demonyo
Sila ang nagpapasasa
Sa kayamanan ng tao
Tayo ang lumilikha
Ng kayamanan sa mundo
Ngunit tayo pa rin ang
Nakatira sa impiyerno

(Ulitin ang koro)

English Translation, partly based on Ramon Ayco's version:

For a long time I've been living in a fantasy
That life they say are been set by destiny
Up and down like a wheel of fairy
But why we're always submerge in poverty

For a long time I've been living in a belief
That everybody's fortune are already set
Or our palm lines determines our fate
But then I realize these are all myths

Chorus:The yesterdays' visions of mine
I am throwing it out this time
The people's heaven someday will rise
As we will build it in this land

Now I know why are we impoverished
Because our minds are full of superstitious beliefs
That "heaven" and "hell" are just a creation of exploiters
That they live in "heaven" while we suffer in "hell"

Now I know who are the real devils
They are the greedy people's exploiters
We are the creators of wealth in earth
And yet in this hell we languished

(Repeat Chorus)

The words somehow mirror the reality how mankind lives in a living hell, and how mankind also tries to resist, breaking away with old ideas and create a living heaven on this barren earth; it is a continuous struggle so to speak facing everyday demons, calamities that tries to destroy man's lives and morale. In fact, we expected much tragedies around us, whether man made or not, these events surrounding the end of the world are likely to be realized as repression continues to prevail, worse? As we endure everything in this living hell mankind tries to resist.

Unless man would like to become like those of Monkey King and willing to destroy this so-called "world" we live in, that is the world of oppressors.

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