Sunday, May 29, 2011

Solidarity Greetings for the International Republican Socialist Network to our Sisters and Brothers in Kenya on the Occasion of African Liberation Day

Solidarity Greetings for the International Republican Socialist Network to our Sisters and Brothers in Kenya on the Occasion of African Liberation Day

Thu, May 26, 2011

Comrades, Sisters and Brothers,

The comrades of the International Republican Socialist Network send greetings of their deepest solidarity to our sisters and brothers in Kenya on the occasion of African Liberation Day 2011. The IRSN is an organization arising from the struggle for a united, 32-county, Irish workers' republic, which is seeking to build support for a republican socialist strategy in many nations where a fight for national liberation is joined to a struggle for socialism: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Catalonia, Euzkadi, Puerto Rico, and Quebec. Since the time of our founding, we have proclaimed the Pan-Africanist Socialist strategy as the way forward for the masses of the African continent and Africans throughout the globe and we embrace all Pan-Africanist Socialist as our comrades. Your struggle is our struggle; your victory will be our victory.

Today we see the imperialist powers of the world emersed in crisis and chaos and, like an injured predatory beast, they are striking out will all of their violence in an attempt to keep themselves alive and keep those they have dominated and exploited for so long in fear. Right now we are seeing this in the vicious assault they have launched against the people of Libya, who have for so long been a torch in the darkness for the oppressed of the world. The imperialists always seek to smother the light of truth and to hide the reality that there is an alternative to continued exploitation and poverty, but more than this, they are terrified of the Libyan proposals to create a new African currency based on gold, because they know that it would provide a means for Africa to reverse its history of exploitation and enable the people of Africa to use their own mineral resources to empower themselves, rather than to enrich the imperialists.

We stand in defense of the people of Libya and the revolution they launched in 1969 and we call upon all those who are opposed to exploitation and oppression to come to the defense of Libya and insist that the imperialist slaughter ends immediately. We have no doubt that the people of Libya will never allow themselves to again be brought under the heel of imperialist oppression, but they are fighting against the massed array of imperialist militarism and they must be defended.

Imperialism's crisis is the opportunity of the oppressed. We have been recently cheered by the strong showing gained by republican socialist candidates in Ireland and the tremendous victory for the forces of Scottish independence in the elections just held in those nations. We are encouraged by the uprising of the people of Spain against capitalist oppression and we are awed by the courage and tenacity displayed by the Libyan masses fighting to defend their homeland from imperialist invasion. When the working masses become conscious of their own interests as a class, there is nothing in the world that can defeat them.

We salute yet another African Liberation Day and bask in its proud tradition and we say to our comrades in Kenya, know that we stand with you in the fight for a United Socialist Africa and that we embrace you warmly as our sisters and brothers. Forward ever, comrades. Backwards never!

Adh mor,

Peter Urban
Comrade, International Republican Socialist Network