Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Clerico Fascist Ringleaders coopt the Catholic Church Program for counter-revolutionary and anti-people campaign of the AFP- NDF

Clerico Fascist Ringleaders coopt the Catholic Church Program
for counter-revolutionary and anti-people campaign of the AFP*

Ka Frank Fernandez
May 8, 2011

Through the evil maneuvers of a grouplet of cleric-fascist ringleaders in priestly garb and seemingly pious lay leaders they were able to effectively coopted in the name of the Catholic Church and the Pastoral Program of the Social Action Centers of the four dioceses of Negros Island to serve in the intensification of the counter revolutionary campaign of the AFP and PNP based on the Oplan " Bantay Laya" of the Arroyo regime and the Oplan "Bayanihan" of the present Aquino ruling faction to destroy the revolutionary movement.

The recently held 34th meeting of the Church-Military Advisory Group (CMAG) in Dumaguete City that was attended by the clerico-fascist ringleaders in the persons of the impostor-priest Rolex Nueva and Jack Pamini of Pax Christi, Cols Jonas Sumagaysay and Ochotorena, Negros Occidental PNP Director Senior Supt. Allan Guisihan and Negros Oriental PNPN Director Supt. Rey Lyndon Lawas and other fascist anti-communist fanatics was able to make a concrete agreement for their counter-revolutionary joint efforts. This "compact of the devils" defines their systematic and grandiose plan in maximizing and effectively utilize the influence and resources of the Catholic Church that will serve the TRIAD operations of combat ops, civilian-military operations of the AFP and PNP in the countrysides and the cities of the two provinces. These actions made by Fr. Rolex Nueva and Jack Pamini outrightly erase their civilian status and expose themselves to be evil die-hard counter-revolutionaries in the service of US Imperialism and the local exploiting classes of big compradors bourgeoisie and landlords.

The involvement in the name of the office of the Catholic Church in the formation of the "Negros Coalition for Social Concern" allows the church to be an instrument of cleric-fascist ringleaders and the local P-Noy leaders in promoting the reformist socio-economic projects and to join the civilian-military related activities targeted barangays that are considered as Conflict Affected Area (CAA) and the barangays that are being showcased as counter revolutionary "Zone of Peace."

This unholy unity of the Catholic Church and the AFP thru the CMAG and other joint-church military CMO projects neutralizes the positions of the high ranking religious officials and sacrifices the truth, justice and rights of the people while on the other hand gives "moral license" to the fascist AFP and PNP in launching intensified military operations that result to the worsening human rights violations against the people especially the peasants in the countrysides.

The people especially the innocent victims are asking for explanations from the Bishops if they wittingly or unwittingly consent to being use in the name of the church by joining the CMAG and CMO activities to give blessings , hide and absolve the mortal sins of extra-judicial killings, enforce disappearances, tortures, forced evacuations, illegal arrests and detention and other human rights violations of the fascist security forces.

Because of the weakening of the Catholic Church preferential option for the poor, it's voice of concern and help as a "Good Samaritan" in saving lives that every day is experiencing poverty, hunger, injustice and death under the exploitative and repressive ruling social-system in the country while on the other hand it is more concerned in defending the invisible lives that they fear will be killed if the RH Bill of the reactionary Congress will be approved.

NDF-Negros continues to give it's high respects to the Bishops of Negros and their religious faith. On the other hand the NDF also appeal for an all-sided investigation before sprinkling the holy water in attacking the NPA on alleged cases of human rights violations based on the fake investigation and false informations coming from the reactionary and anti-communist alliance of the AFP, PNP, clerico-fascist ringleaders, and the bogus Commission on Human Rights and P-Noy diehard loyalists.

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