Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Prices, Debt increasing but how about the Wages?

Prices, Debt increasing but how about the Wages?

Today marks the another increase in both prices of Petroleum and basic commodities in the Philippines. This bad news for an average worker who works overnight in a factory may as if felt a fatal punch on him-that every year prices are increasing yet his wages remained low and unfit to support daily needs.

As according to the reports, that due to the continuing rise in international oil prices, the "Big Three", composed of Pilipinas Shell, Petron, Chevron, and small ones like Total and Eastern Petroleum have raised their pump prices anew yesterday. That, these oil firms through an advisory said they will increase their unleaded gasoline by P1.40 per liter, regular gasoline by P1 per liter and kerosene by 30 centavos per liter. There would be no price adjustment for diesel.

This another increase in prices of petroleum followed by an increase in the prices of commodities. That, more than P4 pesos added as an average increase in prices in first few months of this year.

But, how about the wages of the workers?
We are expected that the current administration would increase wages yet last May 1, Aquino didn't set up a wage increase despite venting statements about uplifting the country and everything, that using the regional wage boards as an alibi in order for not to directly listen the heed of the laboring people. Including drivers who, despite the so-called "subsidy" consists of 3,000 smart cards worth P1,050 load, remained unfit to support against the continuous increase in oil prices, that may also affect passengers mostly coming from the middle and lower class.

Noynoy Aquino seemed to be quite choosy in heeding the call of the working class, isn't it obvious that he opted not to listen by not increasing and using the regional wage boards, or the earlier increase of the Arroyo regime as an alibi? For years, the increase in wages are merely 13, 14, 25, even 75 perhaps, are not enough to counter the increase in commodities that is prevailing nowadays. And somehow a worker, regardless of his hard work, even overnight,yet having a low wage in midst of the price increase, even budgeted would still face displeasure as a reaction.

That, since 1989, calls for a 125 wage increase is to be justified. Better if that 125 would be times five well enough to support an average worker in midst of the crisis.

And speaking of the crisis, it seemed that they used the word "Crisis" as an alibi to justify their stances in not imposing an increase in wages yet increasing prices of commodities. Isn't it obvious that they are not serious, or rather say coward in facing the will of the people, all regardless of using suppressive, Fascistic means to silence them? They may use wars in the oil-rich middle east as their alibi, but still most of the oil are directly piped from the wells they themselves owned or controlled upon! The increase is in fact, artificial in order for these people accumulate more profits at all times-that makes mass action from the laboring people justified as possible.