Sunday, May 1, 2011

'Mediator' Inciting Conflict-KCNA

'Mediator' Inciting Conflict

Pyongyang, April 29 (KCNA) -- Recently the United States has openly supported Israel's anti-peace moves, revealing its true colors as wrecker of peace.

The world community unanimously condemns Israel's building of Jewish settlements and "security walls", but only the U.S. acts contrary to this trend, though styling itself a mediator of peace in the Middle East.

On February 18 the UNSC conducted a voting on an anti-Israel resolution, which rejects the persistent expansion of Jewish settlements in West Bank and East Kuds. This resolution, submitted by Arab countries, was voted by 14 member nations of the UNSC but vetoed only by the U.S.

On April 18 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed "deep thanks" to the U.S. for having financed the "Iron Dome" missile defense system and the mortar defense system aimed to contain Palestine.

Under the active patronage of the U.S., Israel is getting more hell-bent on Jewish settlements construction while committing brutal atrocities against Palestinians almost every day.

It is reported to have prepared massive armed attack on Palestine. The prime minister, the defense minister and other high-ranking officials of Israel would bluster that they are ready to go over into action with strong armed forces. Under this situation the "Iron Dome" system and military units in combat readiness are being deployed in the areas adjacent to West Bank.

The U.S. protection of Israel is an intentional deed of bringing the Mideast peace process to rupture as it is designed to escalate antagonism between Palestine and Israel and tighten its intervention and domination over this region.

The ultimate purpose of the U.S. is to make Israel invariably serve as an agent for implementing its aggressive strategy in the Middle East, a region rich in natural resources and a point of strategic importance, and secure its strategic interests in this region.

Nevertheless, the U.S. is styling itself a coordinator and mediator for the Mideast peace. This is a mockery of the world community and shows moral vulgarity of the U.S.