Monday, May 2, 2011

AINDF releases Manifesto-KCNA

AINDF releases Manifesto

Pyongyang, May 2 (KCNA) -- The Worker-Peasant Department of the C.C., the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front issued a manifesto to all the people on April 30 on the occasion of May Day, according to the Internet site "Kuguk Jonson".

The working people not only in the north but also in all countries of the world are wrapped in a festive atmosphere, the manifesto said, and went on:

But the toiling masses in the south are waging do-or-die resistance in streets and at their work sites under the slogans for the genuine emancipation of the workers and their vital rights.

The prevailing situation calls upon all the working people to courageously turn out in a dynamic sacred struggle against the conservative group.

The manifesto contained the following slogans: Let us turn out in the actions for a true life worthy of a human being and the emancipation and rights of the toiling masses!

Let all organizations of the labor movement and working people turn out in the struggle against the conservative group and the "Grand National Party"!

Let us develop the toiling masses' actions into those for independence against the U.S.!

The struggle for independence against the U.S. precisely means a struggle for vital rights. Let us take the lead in the struggle for terminating the U.S. colonial rule!

Let us wage do-or-die resistance for the abrogation of the "south Korea-U.S. FTA" which brings the life of all the people to destitution and deprives the workers of their jobs!

Let us loudly chant the anti-U.S. slogans in every city, street and work site just as people held high candlelights in protest against the import of U.S. beef infected with mad cow disease!

Let all the people positively support the struggle of the toiling masses and consolidate the success made by solidarity and alliance in the April 27 by-election!

Let us pave a new wide avenue for actions against the U.S. and the conservative forces as befitting the main force for the revolutionary movement and makers of history!

Just and sure to triumph is the cause of the working class to live as the master of the society and the master of their destiny.