Monday, September 27, 2010

Tuition increases, Additional levels, Mass transit fare hikes? DESPERATE!

Tuition increases, Additional levels, Mass transit fare hikes? DESPERATE!

by Katleah Iskre Ulrike

Last time, I witnessed a lot of events happened outside, and somehow it gives a lot of headache due to what they want to implement with or without any approval of the majority.

These proposed attempts, namely Increase in mass transit fare, additional levels in primary and secondary levels in education, followed by the same old increase in tuition, shows how the system is desperate for profit, and at the same time wanting to let away their responsibilities to a clique of greedy individuals, motivated by profit, trying to corrupt welfare as they could.

It also somehow wanted to slow down social progress, again in favor of individual profits they may accumulated from higher fares, tuition and funds related to mass transit and additional levels. And speaking of additional levels, grade 7 for elementary and 5th year for high school, unveils the fact that the system wanted "slaves" than "professionals" for the modern day slave trade in the guise of contract workers for foreign countries, working as maids, factory workers, drivers, anything slave-like, manual labor.

We don't know why the system wanted this, except for "improvement" as what they said, it rather intensifies the anger of the majority, of those who endure hours working yet given a less salary to meet bigger spending like debts, bills, and the like. God forbid, the system wanted us to drown in their so-called "flow." The common increase in tuition and other fees in schools, the proposed increase in LRT and MRT fares, what's next? The entire railway network in the Philippines hath its fees increased? Additional charges in schools and universities? Lies forcing people to pay more for the coffers of the privileged few?

We're in the era of modern-day slavery, and worse, the system tolerates it. After all, we are in a semi-feudal, semi-colonial society, that emphasised much on the former not because of being agricultural, but its character remains deeply rooted, and needs to be destroyed to the core. The increases manifests how feudo-capitalists forced everyone to become peons, slaves of modern-day serfdom.