Sunday, September 5, 2010

Pathetic excuses, denials of 67th IB-AFP's Capt. Mai only underscore defeat of AFP troops in NPA's back-to-back ambush in Davao Oriental

Pathetic excuses, denials of 67th IB-AFP's Capt. Mai only underscore defeat of AFP troops in NPA's back-to-back ambush in Davao Oriental

Roel Agustin II
Conrado Heredia Command,
Front 20 Operations Command,
NPA-Southern Mindanao
03 September 2010

Capt. Esnani Mai, spokesperson of the 67th IB-AFP yesterday had only denials and excuses, and preposterous claims, regarding the recent back-to-back ambushes launched successfully by the Conrado Heredia Command-NPA last August 27 and 28 in Boston and Cateel towns in Davao Oriental. The annihilative NPA tactical offensives hit two columns of a brigade-sized combat operation involving the 67th IB, 25th IB and Scout Rangers Company of the AFP.

It should make Capt. Mai's superiors wonder how his explanation of an "engagement" fit with the fact that the Red Army was still able to muster its troops for an ambush in a favorable terrain and mount command-detonated explosives during both ambuscades. Capt. Mai must be in a fix at the moment in trying to explain to the wives and families of their casualties how he can put on a show to the media and claim their troops sustained only one fatality. Such is the laughable audacity of the AFP; in order not to lose face in public opinion, they would rather deny their foot soldiers. It is your rank-and-file and not the victorious Red fighters, Capt. Mai, who are coming to terms with the endemic rottenness of your organization, and realize their worthless job.

Equally disturbing is Capt. Mai's haughty insistence that his troops were able to apprehend "many NPA members" who were later released because "they had no firearms with them." What myopic thinking does Capt. Mai have to insist that the seven civilians in Boston were members of the NPA when all they had were bolos and farm tools when AFP troops took them from their farms and used them as guides and human shields? What fantastic logic did his troops employ when they dragged a farmer and a driver from their homes in Cateel, charge them as NPA members and have them sign surrender papers?

The masses are witness to two facts the AFP desperately tries to smokescreen: one, that the 18 bodies they saw being carted away are proof of the AFP troops' casualties; and two, that the farmers whom the fascist enemy took and branded as NPA members were in fact civilians like them.

The lies of Capt. Mai cannot even deny the real intent of their clearing operation. The brigade-sized combat operation was clearly meant to prepare the grounds for unmitigated logging activities and the entry of large-scale mining and agri-plantations being actively promoted by the provincial governments of Davao Oriental and Compostela Valley. It is not merely a pursuit operation as the AFP troops were already poised to strike in Boston, Cateel and Monkayo long before the tactical offensives were launched by the Red Army. Capt. Mai's "open offensive attack" is a sugar-coated euphemism for the exploitative Investment Defense Force.

Behind the rehearsed lines and lame excuses of Capt. Mai is the mounting apprehension of the AFP troops as they are confronted with the growing strength and extent of guerilla warfare, especially in the region. The 10th ID-AFP can no longer shrug off their mounting battlefield defeats as the body and head blows delivered by the Red Army against its fascist troops are now coming in torrents. This development is something they are well-advised to prepare for as the people's war march towards nationwide victory.

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