Wednesday, September 29, 2010



a compilation of statements from world revolutionary figures on the virtues and revolutionary of the great leader comrade Kim Il Sung.

Fidel Castro Ruz at the time 1st Secretary CC Communist Party of Cuba and Prime Minister of the Revolutionary Government of Cuba:
"Comrade Kim Il Sung is one of the most outstanding,prominent and heroic socialist leaders in the present world.His history is one of the the most beautiful histories that a revolutionary serving the cause of socialism can write"

Raul Castro Ruz 2nd secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba and deputy prime minister(now president of Cuba):
"The conference of the Workers Party of Korea infused us with great ardour to always hold fast to Marxist-Leninist principles and step up our protracted and ardouous struggle while marching side by side with Korean brothers and all peoples of the world to beat down imperialism"

Prince Sihanouk leader of Cambodia:
"The great exploit of Premier Kim Il Sung is indeed one of those rare torchlights which illumines the road to the final and complete liberation of Asia,Africa and Latin America"

Amilcar Cabral leader of the Party of African Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde and leader of the Guinea Bissau revolution:
"The stand of the Workers Party of Korea completely accords with our own"

Gamal Abdel Nasser leader of the UAR:
"The UAR people people will cherish great sympathy and friendly sentiments towards the Korean people express full support for and firm solidarity with the Korean people in their struggle for the the withdrawal of the US army from south Korea"

Sam Nujoma of SWAPO (later head of state of independent Namiba):
"In the struggle against imperialism we are relying on the line clarified by Premier Kim Il Sung in his treatise "Let Us Intensify the Anti Imperialist,anti US Struggle. We are making endeavours to cement solidarity among world revolutionary peoples in the anti US anti imperialist struggle"

Paul De Groot chairman of the Communist Party of the Netherlands:
"The Workers Party of Korea is a serious and militant party and a big party.The Workers Party of Korea is guided by Comrade Kim Il Sung,the respected and beloved leader of the Korean people In appeasing the situation of other countries and other parties takes a serious attitude and calls others to have comradely sincerity"

Gaston Soumialot president of the supreme council of the revolution of the Congo:
"With Premier Kim Il Sung's idea of Juche thoroughly embodied in all spheres,the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea has today become a rich and powerful socialist state independent in politics,self sustaining in the economy,self defensive in national defence and the whole country has been turned into an impregnable fortress"

Jesus Mara representative of Peruvian ELN in Havana:
"The idea of Juche of comrade Kim Il Sung is by no means contradicted to proletarian internationalism either. We Latin American revolutionaries are sure that the great Juche idea of comrade Kim Il Sung,an outstanding leader of the world revolution made a great contribution to the treasure house of Marxism-Leninism and affords ideological help and guide to our revolutionary struggle"

Aluisio Verano representative of the Brazilian Revolutionary Organisation in Havana:
"comrade Kim Il Sung,the brilliant leader of the the Korean people,has clearly indicated the path of revolutionary struggle for the Korean people to traverse,ever since the darkest days of Japanese imperialist colonial rule.. He had a full insight into the specific realities of Korea at a time when even the slightest possibility of legal revolutionary activity was repressed,and set forth the the line of anti Japanese armed struggle as a correct policy advancing the revolution and hastening victory for the Korean people,and organised and developed that struggle"

L Mahehwade Basutoland Congress party:
"The speech of comrade Kim Il Sung is a stern warning to the US imperialist aggressors"

Carlos Peraiso representative of Venezuelan Movement of the Revolutionary Left:
"Comrade Kim Il Sung,an outstanding leader of the world revolution,gave a correct answer to the most important and urgent questions arising in the world revolution in his treatise "Let Us Intensify the the Anti Imperialist anti US struggle"....

...This document greatly inspires us Latin American revolutionaries"

John Mahon Political Committee of the Communist Party of Great Britain:
"the Korean people could establish those glorious traditions because they had such an outstanding and brilliant leader as comrade Kim Il Sung"

Prof W A Wooster British scientist:
"His ability and courage revealed during the anti Japanese armed struggle enabled him to attain the honour of a legendary national hero ,and his fine exploits performed as the Supreme Commander during the Korean war adorn his honour. His optimism and trust in the masses of people underlie his influence"

Wilfred Burchett Australian writer and journalist:
"He has the quality that only great men have,of ease and simplicity and dealing with every complex question in simple,easily understandable terms.When he put question to me about about own life and work,I could easily picture him sitting down under a tree him or at a factory bench and discussing problems with peasants and workers,putting them at their ease immediately,getting them to speak out about the problems of their life and their work,with finding a solution"

Ize Aye-Omoregie secretary of the central executive council of the Nigerian Forestry and Plantation Association:
"In my childhood I learned of the story of the "Garden of Eden" in the bible and felt a strong yearning for it. But the garden of Eden is no more than a story,I have never seen it and no one has ever been to it. Yet in the land of Chollima Korea today I have seen the Garden of Eden which I had so ardently yearned for.How wonderful the socialism of Korea is."