Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Thoughts on anti DPRK propaganda

Thoughts on anti DPRK propaganda

by Dermot Hudson

Much of the horrendous anti DPRK churned by imperialism's media machine is actually simply taken from the propaganda machine of the south Korean puppets.

Desperate to prevent any influence from the DPRK seeping into the south Korean population which will mean the end of the south Korean regime sooner or letter ,the puppets resorted to a 2 pronged strategy-one is simple repression -7 years in jail for "communist" or pro north pro leftist activities.The 2nd prong is much sophisticated it is massive propaganda to discredit the DPRK to portray it as the same or even as worse than south Korea.In fact the south Korean rulers propaganda adopts the tactic of a cunning mental patient that of projecting their own image on their questioner. South Korea has a huge different between the rich and poor so they peddle stories about "privilieges" and " big houses" in the DPRK.Similarly the DPRK is portrayed as repressive but is south Korea where ideological divergences are suppressed. Many in south Korea and jobless and live in slums so the puppets vociferate about "starvation" in the DPRK.

Much of Seoul's propaganda (including even stupid myths like a ban on women wearing trousers) is copied directly by major imperialist media outlets and syndicated.This turn is tinged with the usual cynical post modernism and the newer forms of anti communism.With the end of the cold war some forms of anti communist propaganda died or ceased to be relevant(ie Soviet invasion stories) but were replaced by more equally and in some cases more pernicious anti communist ideas (such as simply it is an aberration,cant and wont work etc etc). All these forms a heady mixture of anti DPRK,anti socialist and anti Juche propaganda.

Unfortuneatly ideology has never been the strong point of the left in many imperialist countries so some so called communists and socialists buy into this propaganda all too readily. I can say as some one who visited the DPRK countryside around Sariwon city that there was no famine or starvation.Plenty of food was on sale in Sariwon city.The DPRK countryside is one of the most egalitarian in the world with no big house or big country estates or latifundia.