Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Appeal to the people

Appeal to the people
a statement from the Propaganda Bureau of the Central Committee
of the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front

Dear people!

65 years have passed since the US troops, the sworn enemy of the Korean nation, occupied south Korea.

The US occupation of south Korea is an illegal occupation that divided the Korean Peninsula into two and the US has forced disgraceful slavery life upon the south Korean people. The 65 year-long history of the US occupation of south Korea proves that the US is not liberator, supporter and protector but heinous aggressors and bloodthirsty felon.

The US , making it its regular job to hunt people and plunder from the day of its occupation, enforced barbarous military rule surpassing the iron rule of Japan and stamped down the demand of the Korean people to establish a unified government by cooking up separate elections and a separate government under the signboard of UN.

With wild ambition to annex the whole Korean Peninsula , the US broke out the Korean War to reduce the Peninsula into ashes and kill the millions of innocent Korean people.

The south Korean people have suffered unspeakable sufferings owing to the GIs who have sought pleasure in aggression, massacre and destruction after the ceasefire.

The US aggressors quelled the April 19 popular uprising, an eruption of wrath towards injustice and dictatorial rule, by the military coup, turned Gwangju City into a sea of blood and committed horrible genocide against the south Koreans.

The history of US occupation of south Korea is an unprecedented crime-ridden history of the GIs.

The human dignity and rights are accounted and aspiring after independence is an irresistible tendency of the times. It is a disgrace and tragedy of the south Korean people that they undergo humiliation by US imperialist for 65 years.

The Korean nation suffers immeasurable misfortune of national division caused by the US occupation of south Korea.

The GIs are the chieftain forcing Korea ’s division and a hotbed of aggression and war driving a consistent threat of nuclear war on the Korean Peninsula.

They have hamstringed the process of Korea’s reunification and dampened the June 15 reunification era by fabricating the pro-US conservative regime and provoking war maneuvers against north Korea.

Now the US makes frantic efforts to inflict the disaster of a nuclear war.

The US cooked up the conspiratorial farce of sinking of Cheonan and instigates the south Korean warlike forces to ignite another Korean War, conducting frantic nuclear war rehearsals against north Korea.

The military tie-ups between the US and south Korea triggers off denunciation at home and abroad as it drives the situation of the Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia to vortex of war.

There have been consistent danger of war on the Korean Peninsula , however, a tense situation prevails more than ever before.

If a war breaks out on the Korean Peninsula it will easily spread throughout the world and the greatest victims are the territory of Korea and its people.

But the situation is getting more aggravated due to the pro-US sycophancy of the south Korean traitorous group that are actively joining in the US war moves against north Korea.

The pro-US conservative ruling force begged the US to extend the wartime operational control transfer under the pretext of alliance of south Korea and US and plans to leave south Korea as a permanent military base of the US, shouldering the expenses for the relocation of the US military bases.

Moreover, they assist the US world supremacy, openly revealing the attempt to establish Futenma-based US military base in south Korea.

It is an intolerable anti-national act to offer the Korean Peninsula as a sacrifice of the US policy for aggression and leave the Korean nation to victim of the nuclear war.

The south Korean people can neither rid itself of the yoke of slavery nor escape disaster of the nuclear war, far from national reunification for which the Korean people are longing for impatiently as long as the GIS remain in this land.

Dear people!

The history of US occupation of south Korea that is stained with aggression and plunder urgently requests the Korean nation to put an end to the tragic history of the unbearable misfortune.

The south Korean peopled, who are aware of the anti-US sentiment during the period of humiliation and desire for a new society free from foreign forces, should carve out their destiny with their own efforts in unity.

Intensify the anti-US independent struggle to terminate the US colonial rule and its military occupation of south Korea and regain national sovereignty!

Do not allow but frustrate the US interference in the internal affairs of the Korean nation!

Expel the GIs, the ringleader of aggression and war, from south Korea!

Wage an intensive struggle to remove the US military bases across south Korea to withdraw the US troops!

Nullify aggressive and humiliation pacts and agreements such as mutual defense treaty and status-of-forces agreement!

Expose all the crimes committed by the GIS!

Peace against war is a unanimous demand and solemn request of the times.

Intensify a struggle to prevent war and defend peace, regardless of the differences of classes, political views and creed!

Frustrate a new war maneuver of the US to inflict nuclear disaster upon the Korean nation!

Wage a mass resistance against south Korea-US warlike forces’ war provocation!

The Lee Myung-bak administration is a minion of the US colonial policy and the first contingent of war against north Korea.

Repeal the theory of the tightening of the south Korea-US alliance, the theory of permanent slavery submission, the theory of stifling the fellow countrymen in the north and the theory of war against north Korea!

Strongly denounce the Lee regime’s treacherous acts to leave south Korea as the permanent US aggressive base!

Drive the pro-US conservative ruling force steeped in pro-US sycophancy and inter-Korean confrontation out of south Korea!

The historic June 15 joint declaration and the October 4 declaration are invariable banner of peace and reunification, and almighty sword for the common prosperity of the nation.

People from different strata, turn out in the struggle to implement the June 15 joint declaration!

Resolutely oppose inter-Korean confrontation policies such as “no nukes, opening and 3000 US$”!

Smash the group of traitors’ farce and war maneuvers against north Korea !

Drive away anti-independence, anti-peace and anti-reunification schemes with the spirit of the June 15 joint declaration and open up an avenue of independence and prosperity!

Promote reconciliation and unity of the nation under the banner of “by the Korean nation itself” and accelerate nationwide movement for reunification!

Thoroughgoing anti-US sentiment and unity of the anti-US forces are prerequisite to victory in the anti-US campaign.

Wipe out the idea of US-worship and US-phobia and arm with national independence consciousness!

Discard the slightest illusion about the US and shape the destiny with your own efforts!

Different political parties, bodies and people that do not want the US domination and occupation should unite as one!

The progressive and the pro-reunification forces should strengthen solidarity and joint action in the struggle against the US !

Dear people!

Now is the time to put an end to the history of the US occupation of south Korea.

No one can arrest the south Korean people’s invincible will to drive the foreign force out of this land, though the US makes desperate efforts to control south Korea.

The victory of the anti-US struggle is certain, as there is the Songun politics that defends national dignity and sovereignty and, the south Korean people have enthusiastic will to live independently.

Let us bring about an independent society free from foreign forces by intensifying the nationwide struggle to entomb the US aggressors and its stooges of south Korea!

Propaganda Bureau of the Central Committee
Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front
September 8, Juche 99 (2010)